John Dreamer — Becoming A Legend (Epic Dramatic Choral Uplifting)

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[youtube ECZyL6zOspI]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментария 23

  1. cleiton4471:

    musica incrivel

  2. Otosah:


  3. jeremy rodriguez:

    Beutiful 😉

  4. mackmaster100:

    Or just do one epic dlc when you continue the fight against the Thalmor.

  5. Reconzile:

    You can see that the two sides slowly marches into the battleground selected for their final battle. A silence reaches out over them before tey all charge in.And what happens? «FUS RO DA!» *Giant explosion* (everyone is dead). Never put too many Dragonborns in one place :3

  6. VideoKommentoija:

    When you finish the mission you will get an active power called: »Prowler’s Profit». Prowler’s Profit greatly increases the chance of finding multiple precious gems in chests, burial urns, corpses etc.

  7. James Martin:

    what do you get when you find all of them

  8. thilalilulelo:

    YeeeeeeeeAAAA !!!

  9. nicodim liviu:

    Skyrim + mass effect = AWESOME

  10. smackedinthejaw:

    I felt like this when I got 1000G

  11. Overipe Canine:

    who wants to join me in campaighning a new dlcfor skyrim!!!

  12. donteros:

    Or a DLC where after you complete both the Civil War event and the Alduin event you bring the fight to the Thalmor to show that an uprising is at hand.

    If you sided with Ulfric you seek to bring them to ash and get them out of Skyrim.

    If you sided with the Empire you wage a new war upon the Aldmeri dominion to raise the fallen pride of the Empire and THAT very DLC would be the beginning of the war. 😛

  13. VideoKommentoija:

    I felt like this when i found the last stone of barenziah.

  14. SoroPL:

    It’s fucking epic

  15. Luca Kronenberg:

    Never give up ;)

  16. Overipe Canine:

    we should suggest it to bethesda

  17. Gyrogia:

    I gotta say, a Dragonborn War would kick ass.

  18. Overipe Canine:

    they should make another skyrim dlc that continues the dragon born dlc but this time all of the previous dragonborns since the beginning awaken and they all take sides on what to do next and this will cause all of skyrim and the good half of the dragonborns to fight a raging war against the betrauin dragonborns. how epic would that be

  19. TheOkkikat7:


  20. piranaify:


  21. Luminous Turd:

    You’re not doing homework you’re commenting….. 😛

  22. TheOkkikat7:

    best music vid on youtube?

  23. madbrandon718:

    FUS RO DAH! I hope thers shouts in .e.s.o.