Rupee — Tempted to Touch

official music video no copyright intended.

[youtube ziaQwqm7VkQ]

iphone 6

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  1. dean brukingham:

    love de tune

  2. mowachabest:


  3. tiasiandaly:

    i just love this song, man

  4. Aicha Drame:

    like if youre still watching this in 2013!

  5. fashizzle04:


  6. Shikin Rosman:

    When beats, lyrics and videos are just simple with nothing crazy like laser lights etc. Haaaa! Still jammin this in 2013 y’all.

  7. edwin gonzalez:

    Like if you’re still listening to this in 2013

  8. naivisha james:

    I’m sure many if not all of you learned about slavery. When Africans were taken(trying to remain civil) from Africa my ancestors were sold to many countries with different cultures around the world and i hate to be the one to tell u this but If your ancestors are from Africa(not intended for white Africans) U r black, u speak many languages in any exotic accent U r BLACK, your skin lighter than most U r BLACK, long hair U r STILL BLACK. STOP YOUR RACISM BLACK WOMEN R BEAUTIFUL & SEXY TOO

  9. julio s joseph:

    tempted to touch» hey little woman i want you so much» i wanna feel you i wanna love you»
    i wanna hug and kiss and caress you»tuneee

  10. Sade Brown:

    this is not latino rupee is from barbados like rihanna -_- this is reggaeton

  11. m7000d:

    haha that is cool the song its my type of music! Oh Btw use this to get it on your pod ->

  12. Tasha49617:

    Why are they dancing to out of timin …? i should make a vied of me dancing o:

  13. Kenya Benya:

    actually, its still considerd black, 🙂

  14. Kenya Benya:

    i like it,bt i like Beres Hammond tempted to touch better,

  15. mustafadoom:

    very cool song i love ittt i miss 2000s

  16. haider sajjad:

    i love this song

  17. Popa Alexandru:


  18. Sooraj Seshan:

    yeah people just dont get it this clip really hits that spot 😉 Oh Btw peeps are using this to get it on your pod —>

  19. FLower FentyM:

    loove song 😀 

  20. Ken Harry:

    Thumbs up if you are still listening this in 2013 and still enjoying it 😀