Band of Horses — The Funeral [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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[youtube cMFWFhTFohk]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментария 24

  1. Heather Brown:

    Good music.

  2. Paddy Foss:

    is this from ep1 s8?

  3. NancyRogan:

    I’m talking about bravo’s total butchering of this classic with his pathetic re-mix at the link I provided. He must be insane to upload a piece of trash like that.

    What’s next a re-mix of Hendrix’s Red House?

  4. MrAdzy2010:

    I’m well aware this came first, and I never claimed anything otherwise

  5. xSammmiSweeet:

    You guys all found this song by shows … Found this by my musical taste

  6. Kaeoize:

    Season 8 Episode 1

  7. charlie wood:

    One of the nicest, most amazing songs I know

  8. helishskills:

    Criminal minds — revelations episode brought me here

  9. SlasherG07:

    — kses kati?

  10. alexis baril:

    Assassination of an High School President <3

  11. GooFy Ways:

    wich episode was it?

  12. Yu Feng Tan:

    Dash Berlin’s remake of this song was nicely done too

  13. ifleix:

    how i met your mother!!!!!!!!!

  14. NancyRogan:


    A remix? Seriously, I hate it when non- musicians upload their version of classics. Why? It’s ego out of control. Play it in private if you don’t have talent, but don’t upload it. At least not important pieces that define entire generations taste in music.

  15. Maryna Fernández:


  16. KrypticGamerz:

    everytime i hear this song it reminds me of skate
    ahh the good old days

  17. Nate Dickstein:

    this did

  18. Kristen Kringle:

    Love this song, more than anything!

  19. xXJakethesnake117Xx:

    no no, I’m asking which one came first…

  20. MultiKishia:

    This is so Cool

  21. idontknowwhoheis:

    The simplicity of good music.. hard to find these days..

  22. MrAdzy2010:

    I’m well aware of that. Never said anything to the contrary.

  23. MrAdzy2010:

    What? What did I do to you?

  24. MrAdzy2010:

    This video came first. Cudi then did his cover as part of a mixtape