I Can Dream About You — Dan Hartman (HQ Audio)

1984 Classic Streets of Fire soundtrack, Dan Hartman Great Theme.

[youtube Dc3Sa4n0rS8]

ipod 10

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  1. TheKingdoughnut:

    Cool song, but I hated the movie. It was so dark and gloomy. I always had a impending feeling of doom when I watched, «The Streets of Fire.»

  2. mojav26:

    You had to tell me this?! Well I think that Stoney Jackson should get the voice down anyway and still go on tour with the Sorels! (Even if he doesn’t sound just like Dan Hartman for this song, he’d still be great!)

  3. Smormu:

    You cared enough to whine in a public forum about how under-appreciated you are. Just goes to show that you are an attention whore who is hurt by not being loved.

  4. poppaluv:


  5. CaptainMarvel1982:

    Well guess what? Some of you people who are supposed to be fans of this song and Dan Hartman show how irrelevant you are to the artist and song by voting relevant and well thought out contributions spam. In the end I could care less. I will let you children act your ages . Just pointing out the irrelevance of making relevant and contributing posters post spam. Too bad some people are so stupid. It is no big deal. I see you all as irrelevant human beings.

  6. CaptainMarvel1982:

    Go ahead and vote peoples comments spam who bring up facts about a song and singer you people claim to know but it shows your immaturity and lack of intelligence.

  7. Susan Noonan:


  8. Jerônimo Rezende:

    Esse som é lindo,por isso amo essa década

  9. Daniel Laemmerhirt:

    I was wondering where Dan was!

  10. adamlovr:

    Some songs are ageless…and this is one! Brings back great memories of when we first met….but then she dumped me in the worst way 8 1/2 yrs later. Yup….great song, though.

  11. hjmac6068:

    This video is from the movie and the singer is Winston Ford. Dan Hartman put his audio on soundtrack but the director used this audio in the movie.

  12. John C:

    A great 80s song!

  13. yeudoi66:

    where did all the good time go? please bring it on back 80s all the way. today music aint got no soul, rhythem, beat, lyric, to day musics is nothing but shits!!!!!!!!!

  14. Edwin Gonzalez:

    Dude how was my comment Negative? I was referring to today’s music, not the 80’s, I was born in the 80’s.

  15. MsOregonian:


  16. Reva Moore:

    feeling alive

  17. Erik Swisher:

    this song was written for Hall and oats but they backed out .. Dan took the song for himself … if you look up dan hartman on soul train he explains it

  18. jeffrey johnson:

    Can a brother get a ride back to the ’80s???

  19. noneofyourbizman:

    LMFAO!! at him doing the moon walk..it really makes him look stupid after seeing michael jackson do it

  20. soccergalsara:

    Great song. Underrated.

  21. joe blow:

    Did Hall and Oats have something to do with this song???

  22. kanglon:

    Those guys are great! great song and dancing!