Forbes Names You Need To Know: Khan Academy

Learn more: Forbes Names You Need To Know: Khan Academy.

[youtube UkfppuS0Plg]

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  1. zoltak007:

    sounds nothing like I imagined! Great videos!


    I don’t go to university for education but to obtain necessary qualifications for future work.

  3. devidrsr:

    Proud of you sir, we need more people like you god bless you and your sweet family

  4. Phillip Miranda:

    You have helped alot of people, Sal. I know your company is non-profit, but I hope you are making a boat load of money. You deserve it.

  5. Jejomarie Shwantel Andres:

    i wished i have known you before college! 

  6. Klockworke:

    Sal, how do you know everything?

  7. templecharas:

    cmon ppl where in the world is education free??the price of education sky rocketing everyyear…he is genuine teacher,guru and a blessing to humanity.

  8. Dancemusic112:

    Learn the truth about how life works. It is self-evident and you can prove it to yourself:

    Truthcontest. c o m

    Open the Present

  9. ncktyu:

    Can listen to this guy forever

  10. Idiosyncratic Idiott:

    You’re not kidding

  11. eisleyism:

    WHAT???? ray ramono make online videos for teaching???? i dont know that….

  12. Benny Ma:

    they should create a Nobel prize for education and give it to him

  13. Vanessa Orbe:

    Do you guys know that there is a secret code in oil trading that will give you 80% success ratio in your trades? Watch this video watch?v=YBG6QKX6aBY

  14. riggerize:

    He is not going to be very well liked by the upper classes and even some of the middle classes because he is providing free of charge world class education to anyone anywhere. The rich deliberately try to keep public education standards down because they are able to send their children to the fancy private schools. I think its a tremendous gift to give to the world where people are able to access world class educational material anytime anywhere.

  15. DeaddudeRS:


    If you do, please help me start the next revolution that will change the world.

    what brilliant no matter how crazy ideas do you have?

  16. ukillnub201:

    lol you spelled school wrong

  17. Jonathan Kim:

    And people, just imagine the amount of dedication this one man has to create a webpage and make almost 4,000 videos infront of a computer screen with a tablet in hand.

  18. Jonathan Kim:

    Sal, when I grow up, I want to be like you.


  19. Eng1neering:

    You know that you’re going to school for nothing when you learn more from Khan than your own professors.

  20. MegaBdlover:

    its helpful

  21. 1LemonStarDust1:

    Sal you are one of the best math teachers I ever had, even though I never meet you. Thanks alot Sal.

  22. Kandyss Touchstone:

    Thank you so much Khan!! Im an older college student and use khan for O chem and statistics!!!! This has changed my view on learning!!!

  23. Elvisistnochamleben:

    dats my nigga khan!!!!!!!!

  24. freezzertime:

    Viral, Well.

  25. Dante Cammz:

    4 people need to go back to living like cavemen