Entire apartment controlled by ipad! — Digital Architect video

The savant experience center in Soho is tricked out to show you how you can automate your apartment and control all the technology with your Apple iPhone or …

[youtube 47WvVuw4Xhs]

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комментарий 21

  1. lisagarbutt:

    How big was this space?

  2. allyvv89:

    lol I’d be so fat if lived like that,

  3. simplystormie:

    Sorry camera guy he is funny

  4. kiran02109:

    lol a hacker would own this guys house

  5. srvvlhm:

    Gonna hack his house and turn lights on in the middle of the night.

  6. stargirlvictoria:

    I’m sure that this would be a great idea for all those techies out there…but personally this just sound like too much of a risk. Especially when it comes to power failures….

  7. Tracy Metro:

    OK how cool is it to click the image on the ipad and have a light turn on/off?! I’ll answer the question for you. WAY f’ing cool.

  8. kingobie1:

    The TV turns off, so that the projector could be placed over it…

  9. SpacesTV:

    you married an ipad?

  10. SpacesTV:

    ha!!! yes! just saw that episode… and it got him into some trouble..

  11. SpacesTV:

    ooh that is a good question! hmm… im sure there has to be

  12. SpacesTV:

    RIGHT!! me too…

  13. LittoBUbbo:

    god what kinda lazy ass person would use this, i can see if an elderly person couldnt move a lot would enjoy this. but its expensive and wastes energy…

  14. peter thelastchanceshop:

    My wife can do that and even more

  15. razmode:

    Great features. Too bad I cannot afford this 🙁

  16. shashi13m:

    This is possibly one of the few things that inspire me to make a lot of money in life. What’s we saw here in the video isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity, we will realize it in a decade.

  17. AdemSemir:

    thats what Phil dunphy from Modern Family had :)


    the end of us all

  19. sharonie11:

    What happens in a power outage..like «Sandy»? Are there manual over rides? For the curtains and shades?

  20. LexxoriousLexxy3:

    amazing 🙂

  21. laes25:

    I like the water effect LED lights in the background, although that’s probably the only thing I can afford. Lol