Damian Marley — Road To Zion

road to zion — enjoy.

[youtube XLU_ymaLSPI]

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  1. Jake Blake:

    Hahahaha. Get thee behind me Satan! You are of your father, the father of lies! I see the Way the Truth and the Life, seek the face of the one and only true living God and He might show Himself to you. I chose life so that I may live, if you choose to a fool and choose death then so be it my friend.

  2. Angelita Trujillo:

    yea read ur bible it’s just like a comic book hahahaha

  3. Jake Blake:

    Salvation is of Yehudah/Judah! John 4:22 Israel will take this thing over when it’s all said and done. Yah’s chosen people! Read your Bible.

  4. Josh Shacklock:

    *architecture, not archeology xD

  5. Josh Shacklock:

    You also had advanced sub-Saharan and Arabian kingdoms during the middle-ages and in classical antiquity. When the Spaniards went to the new world the Aztecs/Incas/Mayans were still using spears. Would your ignorant mind doubt their intelligence? People who had such an advanced grasp on astrology, archeology etc Simply because a people’s military technology has had no need to evolve past a certain point does not make them intellectually inferior. Stop clinging to a racist 19th century construct.

  6. Josh Shacklock:

    Israel needs to sit down.

  7. cristian83440:

    the jews not the white people.

  8. wodzirOSwojtek:

    GOD is us WE are LOVE 🙂 gotta keep on walkin …. brothas&sistas PEACE

  9. wodzirOSwojtek:

    Jah maan 🙂 we all on road 2 ZION 🙂

  10. YmeLexmondVEVO:

    Or you can just listen to the music.

  11. EtoRusalka:

    Best comment ever, cheers from a Serb 🙂

  12. JAVPC2012:

    lol! nah! more like people with your mentality!

  13. BassJunkysAnonymous:

    There needs to be more of this everywhere. It’s a shame musicians and songwriters are exiled for being pioneers.

  14. Rockaz Reggae:

    Got to keep on Walking
    On that Road to Zion!!!

    We are confident in the victory of Good Over Evil so I nuh have time to waste on some WASTE MATTERS who dont know themselves and come here to stir up strife. Big Tune Jr. Gong!!!

    If u know not LOVE u know not GOD cause GOD is LOVE
    but the Fool says in his heart, there’s no GOD

  15. Abigailfruffles:

    bredda, mi nuh know ya! someting wrang wid unuh. peace with you though, hope you living a fulfilling life. be blessed.

  16. somotastic21:

    my friend put plants all over his room, and we would get high and turn on the black light and crawl all throughout the room and in between the plants while this song was playing. We were pretending to walk through jamaican rain forests in order to get to the top of the mountain and smoke a big blunt and discover the meaning of life by Bob Marley or Damian, whoever was up there 🙂

  17. somotastic21:

    go fuck yourself you little shit. People who hate white people are what I would like to call walking pieces of shit. You probably smell like it too

  18. Anthony De Souza:

    The 2 minutes of silence at the end were made for us to think about what a marvel this Bob Marley’s son Damian Marley is, about all the real things Nas was talking about such as Robert Mugabe’s rule. about the struggles of some….then ultimately…………… we just keep walking on that Road to Zion

  19. Jake Blake:

    I got to keep on walking.. On the road to ZION, yeahh… All honor to YHWH the creator. Israel stand up!!

  20. darkbeeach:

    vibe is beautiful

  21. purd guyson:

    every animal race that knows how to make music and has «invented» the internet will eventually combine the two. its really nothing special

  22. Jack Herer:

    you’re the biggest wanker i’ve ever known to exist, open up your closed fucking mind you racist pig, it’s people like you that give white people a bad name with your superiority complex. we’re not better or smarter we’re all equal. now go suck your mothers tit you inbred scum

  23. bombsbing:

    Europe and its closs proximity to eachother through tribes and wars launched into it into the future through necessity.
    If you look at the Australian Aboriginals who had plenty of food and «Their lives were simple, they had very few needs». So they never really needed to advance. Tasmanian Aboriginies got stuck after the Ice age there for 8,000 years and food was so abundant they went backwards and lost many of the «technologies» the mainland still used.