Rules for Success — Steve Jobs — How to build a Business Network

Steve Jobs speaks about the Secrets to Success in Business and Life You have to have a lot of passion for what you’re doing because its so hard. Without pass…

[youtube 34cOXw46biI]


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  9. brattyz81:

    Steve what are talking about man! you didn’t build Apple. you don’t realy think built this company man come on you did not build this!!! shit!

  10. PowerfulChannel:

    The Passion The Drive Enjoy What You are Doing
    LOVE IT You HAve to HAve Passion

  11. Sean Turkot:

    R.I.P Steve… this man was A Visionary. he saw what he wanted to do and followed his passion and persued his happiness dispite of what other people had to say about him. years ago the computer was laughed at… now its an everyday thing. the idea of an mp3 player the ipod was a joke and nobody took it seriously… now allmost everybody has one. the idea of taking a cellphone, and combinding it with the internet at one time was a joke. now its an everyday thing. persue you happiness.

  12. chriscrunkification:


  13. LYNYMI:

    1:26 «Cuz you need great people around you!» STEVE IS THE MAN!!! R.I.P

  14. swill1020:

    It is said, love what you do for a living and you will never work a day in your life,