Little Eva — Locomotion (Shindig 1965)

Little Eva — Locomotion (SHINDIG!, March 3, 1965)

[youtube xufxKCC1NJ8]

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  1. cosmo seer:

    She went to NY to become a singer and did some back up. She landed a job babysitting for Gerry Coffin & Carole Kings child and they wrote the song. They asked her to do a demo of the song when it turned out so good they went with it. She did later do touring w/ the 60’s tour for several years until she bacame sick.

  2. murrey hall:

    Loved this song.Too bad she got taken. No royalties whatever…great song, great singer

  3. pinchold pinch:

    this is not the original — too bad

  4. c7i6abc:

    Source: Her Bio Page — Little Eva reached the top of the charts with the dance song «The Loco-Motion» in 1962
    biography com/people/little-eva-246039 .. Did you mean Dee Dee Sharp?

  5. c7i6abc:

    Having been there (back then) for part of it, I will admit, life was much simpler, we had community schools and walked to and from them. We didn’t take guns to school with us, we didn’t talk back to the teachers, because they had a strap and had no problem using it, lol. Dancing was something people took pride in and was for the most part at least a bit skilled at it. The music was simple and great. I think 1967 was the best year ever for music; but you probably would have had to been there.

  6. TheDoododoo:

    I know but still, when I listen to my grandma who’s 71 this year, I can’t help thinking I would have loved living at that time :).

  7. MizzJoBear:

    that’s cool that the background dancers are doing the locomotion & Little Eva is di bomb 2—she is doing her locomotion 2 🙂

  8. Kaj1946:

    On my 45 rpm record is stated: First published in 1962.
    I could be recorded in 1961. And the original recording with Dee Dee Sharp could have been published in 1961.

  9. pinchold pinch:

    1961 actually

  10. Nickolas Silver:

    Nicki Minaj should do this number

  11. Phil Baugh:

    The evolution of the Bend and Snap!

  12. Bombeni:

    Ahh, great years. Black people were just regular, easygoing, polite, friendly, mannerly. MLK would turn over in his grave if he saw the direction his race took.

  13. AlwaysRight83:

    LOL Kylie Fuckin Minogue has an annoying voice and has no soul.