Dream Theater — Fatal Tragedy

Fatal Tragedy from Dream theaters album scenes from a memory. Copyright © I do not own any of this Material. This music belongs to Dream Theater. Looks like …

[youtube _Vq6NevcLOQ]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. FailDGamers:

    I like how the instrumental sounds like a boss theme to a game.

  2. Potatobombs1:

    lyrics by John Myung

  3. Ben Luke:

    it cant get better , but it does.

  4. 4everownage:

    i do not think it’s an argument, i don’t even know what he’s trying to say

  5. Antonio Vianna:

    Just This.

  6. Mark E:

    Think you guys might like this album — Mordred — In This Life. There is a full version under watch?v=Z4N07cq-zxY

  7. codebabe:

    They’re not really similar at all besides the fact that they’re prog. Way different melodic styles.

  8. codebabe:

    This tune is amazing.

  9. Dustin Allen:

    DBZ-History Of Trunks.

  10. DarkHunter1357:

    thats a retarded argument….

  11. Ferdi Çıldız:

    3:53 and later!

  12. Juan Valdez:

    Bad ass song. Anyone done like it. Than you try making a song.

  13. Batuhan Mutlu:

    Because I’m open minded, not like some people.

  14. FlyingSquirrel887:

    Then why are you listening to Dream Theatre?