Bada Os 2.0.1 New Release-3.mp4

Hi guys i am back with a new bada 2.0.1 release. This release has came out after the beta release so obviously its a better an much more stable release than …

[youtube wv9NP2jFdho]

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комментариев 17

  1. cyI7epapTeM:

    samsung spoiled android in 10000 times

  2. Alex Pollino:

    It’s like a watered down version of Android

  3. duddn1002:

    New and Wow

  4. ahmedelmoon:

    Lol,looks exactly like android 2.3

  5. walltowall5:

    looks like android cupcake lawl

  6. Akshay Doiphode:

    wow you have d real indian accent 🙂

  7. tapan shah:

    i have already made the tutorial video for how to upgrade to bada 2.0… please visit my channel

  8. bboymiau:

    fuck samsung bada 2 and samsung for not giving us bada when it should , i wasted my money on a wave 2 hoping for bada and people waited for a year , no one will car eabouth bada in the future

  9. 1102mswhatever:

    can you make a video to install the bada 2.0

  10. tapan shah:

    No official version yet not released all the verssions released till date are beta versions

  11. maril1111:

    So has it been released yet? or whats the current official release date

  12. vignesh v:

    …dude i dont think there s anything wrong with that question….i understand this is a pre release beta …but Dhruv s question is did u flash it…… everyone know s this is a beta version…beta versions are released for testers n programmers….

  13. Ankit Srivastava:

    aap bihar se ho kya…?

  14. tapan shah:

    I didnt get you buddy pls. elaborate??

  15. SHINee Tzlil:

    but if it didn’t come out yet won’t it be slow on my phone?
    and if ill download will i lose everything i have there?
    and im downloading games with spoofing can i do it in that version too?

  16. tapan shah:


  17. nXeFTW:

    You can download 2.0.2 from the bada homepage!