Stronger | Seattle Childrens Hospital The hemoncology floor of Seattle Children’s Hospital performs Kelly Clarkson’s song «Stronger» NEW! Che…

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  1. Cayla Greaves:

    What’s Wrong With You?They Will Get Better!Cold Hearted Person.

  2. CharlyEsthi FruitBanana:

    i had never felt so angry in my life reading that comment from pipweed, u will laugh? the the fuck is that ment to mean? what sicko sits behind their pc screen laughing at that? my mum is a 2 times cancer survivor and its not something to laugh about. I sertainly hope that cancer find you you bastard!

  3. AbbieLouiseChannel:

    So beautiful and inspiring- what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger:-)

  4. vidurawinai:

    how can people be so rude …… heartless creatures … Its not funny at all.. they are suffering from cancer!!! Learn to b polite …

  5. Prativa Rai:

    Aww!Bless them!!

  6. RynetteQian:

    U can do it! U can get stronger!

  7. ErikMcCormick10:

    I cant beleive you said that

  8. lindsey smit:

    I am sick likethat 

  9. PipweedTheDoctor:

    haha, but i have the right to make fun of them because im in a better position than they are.

  10. caleb bundy:


  11. PipweedTheDoctor:

    LOL the funny thing is they will never get stronger. they will all die. and then i will laugh

  12. nadyaawl:


  13. David Finnegan:

    »HAHAHA they have caner ROFL» Well my friend .. a good friend of myne is fighting cancer .. and it’s hard to look at him , he’s suffering and fighting for his life but yet you have the guts to sit behind a computer and have a laugh about it!
    Well when cancer gets you my good friend will be laughing back at you! and i’d say the others who got over it will laugh at you awsell!

    You should be ashamed!!

  14. MarvinLikesTheBeach:

    HAHAHA they have cancer ROFL

  15. Madeline Kamats:

    I knew a friend with cancer, and let me just say that I can not imagine how hard it is. This inspired me so much because i loved to see everyone happy. I pray for those sick and dontever give up because we love you all!

  16. Kimberly Santos:

    Keep on having hope 🙂

  17. bsteele593:

    God Bless this Hospital God Bless these Nurses God Bless these Doctors God Bless everyone that walks in those doors. Cancer may not have a cure. But ive got a cure for it DANCEEEE!!!!!!!

  18. guineapiggirl04:

    I had cancer. Almost died more than once. Keep up the determination guys!

  19. Dariana Gianni:

    They have cancer and it’s not funny

  20. MarvinLikesTheBeach:

    LOL why are they bald.

  21. Kris Hall:

    Hang in there

  22. shiloh johnston:

    don’t talk to them about that do you kiss your mom with that mouth

  23. Tiffany Hung:

    @Lola pilo those kids are the fucking definition of beauty so u should shut ur fucking mouth cause u don’t know shit

  24. wtfudoingbb:

    Lola pilo:wtf !! I hope u get sick and hope someone will tell u that u are fuckin retarded

  25. lola pilo:

    Them ugly kidss i hope they die