Crosby, Stills & Nash — Helplessly Hoping

[youtube doIEwzc6k_k]

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  1. Fairlight Mathieu:

    i don’t listen to new rap i listen to 90s and old school and i also listen 60s 70s 80s 90s after the 90s mainstream music started to suck

  2. neldinsky:

    Biggie, Snoop…gotcha Fairlight. You obviously have so much to contribute to clorkwork10’s life.

  3. Steve Plichta:

    You give your generation the inspiration to pick up a guitar and forget about video games..

  4. Steve Plichta:

    Nice response my friend. 55 and and still loving the music.

  5. XxJeTbLaKxX:

    I think those who say this generation of music has nothing to offer hasn’t been listening. I’m not saying listen to Katy Perry, but there are so many bands today that have as much to offer musically as the bands of this time did.

  6. Katie Lovering:

    Try ,I buy and download songs from them a lot.

  7. Francis MacCarthy:

    Sounds like California…

  8. Lily Jo:

    I second that. I am almost twenty and this has been my music since i was old enough to choose what to listen to. 🙂 Props little(er) one 😛

  9. Valspace:

    you are the winner, not them. my favorite current bands are the ones who grew up listening to everything their parents listened to- «oldies» and classical, jazz and show tunes. To borrow a phase: CARRY ON!

  10. Valspace:

    the lavel or the artists’ discretion. you can still get a CD — then upload and transfer 🙂 props for BUYING and supporting the music-makers

  11. Hili Levin:

    This beautiful music has no age for litsening — Even if you are 13,16 (like me), 56, 80, or if you are a fetus…

  12. Fairlight Mathieu:

    stop trying to get attention their a million other comments like yours not trying to be mean but it dosent make you special

  13. primotiv86:

    It’s not the Lady Gagas, Justin Beibers, Rhiannas, or whatever crap is coming out of pop music today that will stand the test of time. It is this! It sounds as rich and beautiful as when it was first recorded and played for the whole world to hear. This kind of music transcends any specific time period. This is where my heart lies, in this music.

  14. Litvin20:

    I want to be able to hear this in the woods this summer at the quarry