BOB MARLEY(LEGEND) THREE LITTLE BIRDS (WITH LYRICS) Lyrics: Dont worry about a thing, cause every little thing gonna be all right. Singin: dont worry about a…

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  1. seth morgan:

    dude im caucasian and have real dreads

  2. caleb horm:

    Loved it man Show them Assholes.

  3. manuel dieleman:

    love him :D

  4. MsSmashandgrab:

    i listen to this song when i am sad or unhappy, and i instantly turn happy :))))

  5. John Johnson:

    Fucken WIll Smith man…Rest in peace sam

  6. deathishappiness:

    HAHAHA then why are you worshiping black people now hahahahah

  7. AlwaysnowyinPA:

    Lol look at history bro…black people have always been slaves ect… not being racist just stating facts…

  8. Albert Einstein:

    why do you think all of our skeletons look the same…?

  9. Taylor Lemke:

    agreed, i hope i do. now i’m going to just enjoy the music

  10. bigbroef:

    hakuna matata

  11. Izzy Nielsen:

    This song is great, getting a tattoo inspired by it. It’s sad though because it reminds me of I am legend

  12. jdavis0827:

    always think of the saddest moment in i am legend poor sam 🙁

  13. ECW1865:


  14. Liz Threlkeld:

    no, I think that all «races» are the same…no one worships another, I really miss bob. . . ):

  15. er607:

    this a message

  16. themaluku92:


  17. Jeremy B:

    Race is only people of different cultures, you don’t have to like that culture but remember that this is your fellow man. It’s like Bob says people…One love…Don’t choose to hate, because its just miserable hating people.

  18. Henry Bean:

    how is any race better than any other race?

  19. randomninja815:

    that is true. i didn’t say that just the color was important. they do have diff. views and cultural perspectives. and even then, that doesn’t mean that anyone has to hate each other, or think that they are superior or inferior. i hope you meet some of the black people i know one day. they are super nice, fun, and all around great! have an awesome day!

  20. BlizzardPikachu420:

    Whether I’m high or not, makes me feel better<3

  21. kriegsmarine5:

    When i lost my girl friend i played this song many times. It always seemed to cheer me up. Thanks marley

  22. flymaster:

    Why is it I’m always listening to this song when everything is not going to be alright?

  23. Taylor Lemke:

    forgive me, but it is not just skin color but most races in the United States  have their own ways of speaking english, and views of what is right and wrong. Please don’t see me as a bigot for this statement but, i have never met, or have spoken to, an African American that i liked. Specificly because they either very unfriendly, or decided to use the race card to their own advantage in saying that i am a racist and i don’t them for reasons of race or color.

  24. Taylor Lemke:

    no way! you knew bob marley! it’s such a shame what happened, he was the best. don’t worry, every little thing is gonna be alright. 😉