Urban Skiing

Credit: J.P Auclair (All I can) Twitter: @DJ_PCPete Urban skiing in british colombia Canada. Freestyle music: LCD Soundsystem — Dance yrself clean.

[youtube c86Mep8mj_s]

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комментария 23

  1. tukemon123:

    And your skiis didnt get fucked up ? Sorry about my grammar :(

  2. Mida Rumana:

    Hello! Thanks a lot for this useful video. By the way, I notice a lot of people keep on talking about Avalorexon Training Program (just google it), but I’m not sure if it is really good. Have you considered this ski program known as Avalorexon Training Program? I have heard many great things about it.

  3. hlski1:

    this isnt him its jp auclairs street segment!

  4. crazyskier540:

    that looks like so much fun

  5. Jerry Sanders:

    this needs about 100x more views

  6. UnverifiedUser:

    Amazing video, but wouldn’t this ruin ski’s after a bit?

  7. snapbackkrew:

    whoa that was so creative

  8. TheUrbanSkiers:

    So nice! We are doing urban, but not soo god that you guys:) Next edit wil be backyard session 🙂

  9. Bats Mertel:

    Just like everything else . You punch a tiny hole in it and go on through. Nothing can stop you! Be the ninja baby they set adrift on the calm waters and own it since we’re done with diapers. I mean don’t be a baby. Kick some ass!

  10. Bats Mertel:


  11. silvergoldfish21:

    That was fucking awsome.

  12. Cyano88:

    Rossland and Nelson, BC, I think

  13. 2superjumpers:

    where is this?

  14. David BerleCarman:

    when i went to the orientation meeting for my job t the mountain, they showed this video

  15. daker macdonald:

    your poor skis 🙁

  16. isaac livingston:

    its real, i live 20 minutes away from Rossland BC, where this was filmed.

  17. John Smith:

    where was this

  18. hatingonyourbitchass:

    i say its sick but also bullshit so many times his skis should of got cought in the dirt and face planted. but nice ariels

  19. hathead83:

    scratched as fuck ones

  20. Cameron Cheney:

    So sick, So sick

  21. DCSNIPES21:

    Dude ur so sick

  22. uncasualgamer:

    What type of skis are you using?

  23. chung woosung: