Suede — The Beautiful Ones

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[youtube xqovGKdgAXY]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментариев 25

  1. DrDuke1231:

    i from ireland… fuck ya anyway!

  2. Mare Pallase:


  3. Nanda Ganteng:

    i from indonesia..nice song

  4. Karina Cholifah Admas:

    i come from INDONESIA 😀 and i love this song

  5. Padini Santiago:

    I think he meant early 90s

  6. Weedlover36:

    listen this in 2013 ? ;3 xD

  7. marvin99955:


  8. Chris Andrews:

    come on guys im 53 and dancing to this NOW! great song from a great band and their new single is shit hot…….. fuck this im off clubbing and they had better play Suede or else!

  9. ibbotson22:

    The 90s had cell phones and internet

  10. xQueenPalvin:

    my mad fat diary 😀

  11. juanistic:

    In those times old people used to whine about their times being better, with no TV, when they had to hang out personally with their friends, when they had to read whatever they wanted to know instead watching TV. When they had toys to play with instead of advanced electronic devices.

    Elvis, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Ruth Brown, Bo Diddley, Jerry Lee Lewis… Memorable times for them..

    And gone were those days for those people too…So please don’t continue such pointless cycle.

  12. sanchezfor:

    No YouTube

  13. Shadowban84:

    U mean the OLD MTV. Not that new shit they call MTV. The 90s were awesome and so was the 80s. This song brings me back to that time. 🙂

  14. Lena Hutchins:

    Hmmmmmmm……Well, there’s worse pairs of underwear one could be sniffing, to be sure 🙂

  15. kingofpunk1977:

    And the David Bowie underpants sniffer award for all time goes to Brett Anderson!!!!

  16. majestytheater7:

    yeah that is music

  17. wawan setyono:

    Masuk jurusan mesin.. kayaknya ga mungkin.. otakku gak kayak Einstein… (P.Project)

  18. BlakeCobainMorrison:

    sounds like a rip off of bowie in my opinion its still good but yeah…

  19. Hiển Huỳnh:

    I remember that time when music was still music.

  20. pankgre11:

    rhythm song-the definition!

  21. Iip Syarip:

    the best permormant ,,in the world

  22. jasbk:

    MTV actually played music.. VH1 wasnt shit… those were the days!

  23. techweenie1:

    sorta…Cell phones were available, maybe not ubiquitous in the early 90s, but definitely in existence, the internet same story…the late 90s I had a cell phone and a dial-up internet connection, got broadband in 2000-2001..

  24. DARK MAN:

    the 90’s yes

  25. ertekkiadgrinast:

    fknawesome song