Green & White — For Sandy Hook (Original)22 комментария


Hi everyone. This is Char. I would like to share a new song with you all. I just finished writing it yesterday, and (although Sarah doesn’t know it yet) I re…

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22 комментария

  1. Emily A.

    Simply beautiful…

  2. Malik Griffin

    R.i.p. Sandy HOOK KIDS IN Heaven

  3. blueprincess3000

    who ever disliked is a bastard

  4. Ravyns Fall

    Fantastic job writing this, vocal melodies, music and lyrics are extremely well written. Very emotional subject to write about, and you did it justice. Great job <3

  5. malikadiamond


  6. malikadiamond

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  7. I Flutter

    i cry everytime i listen to this song its so sad

  8. April Snow

    nice song do you guys have a twitter?

  9. saadia baata

    im in tears gr8 wok i love this song

  10. BeastConnerr

    LETS GET SOMETHING STRAIGHT. Sandy hook shooting did happen. 26 people died. BUT, it WAS government planned for Obama’s dictatorship to attack the 2nd ammendmant. So don’t go RANTING saying it never happened it did, but for the wrong reason. I can’t believe the government would stoop that low.

  11. Dior T.

    This is beautiful… RIP to the Beautiful Children that died that December 14 in Sandy Hook :,( Heaven received more Angles. & My Prayers go out to all of their families

  12. FutureSingerJoy

    This song is amazing it really good and wish all family members of the 27 people killed at Sandy Hook peace in their life.

  13. nicole43764

    is it because there is a curse in it?

  14. rose vought

    I love this song. It was really clear what you are singing about. This song will bring tears and joy to the people who were there and to everyone else. I know someone who lost a some one that day. That person now has the earrings that the the kid wore, they still have blood on them.

  15. elizabeth gore

    that was so nice that was realy sweet u have a really good voice

  16. StereoHeart13

    pure amazing. <3

  17. AwesomeArmyAconmann

    Why is this supposed to be a spam..? shes just stating what she believes in.. She is having a bad time, you would too.. Don’t denie it. Whoever marked this as a spam obviously doesn’t know what a spam is…
    Yeah some of what she said was uncalled for, but try and put yourself in her shoes. Not all of you were there to experience it, it can really change a person, so don’t judge.

  18. Lauren Dopson

    OMG this makes me cry everytime i mean the song is just so meaningful its beautiful, keep the good work up guys <3 😀

  19. huskers401

    if peaple dont like this song thats is mest up bro this is a real good song

  20. Kaleigh Scott


  21. Kaleigh Scott

    Cant top listening to this <3

  22. Victoria Blankenship

    No, someone asked her this earlier and she replied «No, but when I first heard about it, the words just spilled out.» 🙂 by Yahoo! Answers.