Skillet — One Day Too Late (Lyrics)

Song «One Day Too Late» by «Skillet» from album «Awake» Lyrics: [V1] Tick tock hear the clock countdown Wish the minute hand could be rewound So much to do a…

[youtube HNEC735juI4]

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  1. neil finnell:

    skillet is a awsome band just i am not religios yet i love the music

  2. DobySaruta97:

    Last summer I started to listen Skillet and when i heard for first time the song Awake and Alive and Comatose i just …….I just in love with this band.


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  4. Kirsty Michelle Nolan:

    Skillet is awesome *-*

  5. Ty Dortone:

    true true the song makes me go hard Also! peeps are using this to get this in mp3 ==>

  6. zaph1987:

    Been jamming this song and track #3 on Awake religiously.

  7. Uchiha Housi:


  8. benjamin warwash:


  9. benjamin warwash:

    and or did that made you fell like an idiot

  10. corey vanmeter:

    Great song!!

  11. Devin Wachtman:

    this song really speaks to me specially the tick tock here the clock countdown wish the minute hand could be rewound

  12. Matt Hogan:

    good song if u regret what u said to a girl

  13. LadyizraelRoM:

    the singer sounds like the guy from nickelback, but still an awesome song 🙂


    nice song GLORY TO GOD!

  15. Joel Morgan:

    i agree, now to get to changing my image to a more serious derpscout. Welp paintbrush awaits.

  16. Bloody Heart:

    this song changed my life!!! i was always depressed, my old friends hate me, and i always cried. after i listened to this i tried at everything, i am always happy and i still love my old friends my life is almost perfect!!!!!