Skin & Bones (Official Video) — David J. Roch, available on iTunes now!!

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  1. jrizzuto17:

    Loved this song, it was in my favorite show «Being Human»

  2. XxSuicidalNinjaxX:

    Heard this on Being Human and I’ve been in love with it ever since.

  3. trentogorgon:

    i think when you work around death enough — say, as an undertaker — you develop a unique perspective on life and death. i think we’re seeing it in David’s music, and specifically in this song.

  4. JoeKerr420:

    This song isn’t about religion it’s about the only thing us mortals will ever know…death. He may say «don’t cry out for god» and » please god forsake me» because he feels his soul going on a journey and all that’s left is skin & bones

  5. Strongw0lf:

    Being Human!!!! <3 can't wait for the new season

  6. GustavusBusavus:

    I love this song!!! 😀

  7. DreamLiveToday:

    Who is singing the female background?

  8. beautifulNsexy:


  9. KyubiMadaraUchiha:

    You my friend are right! I did not get it at first but now I do. I like it a lot now!

  10. vpoohmilleo27:

    i love this song. to me the meaning is you are what’s left in the end. god isn’t always there. sometimes the things HE does you don’t always think are best. that’s how i feel… but i love the song so much!!!!!!

  11. Anne Eugenio:

    I think that artists appreciate, or at the very least expect, people to examine and analyze their work. Is this song anti-God? There is one agrument that I feel settles the question. The song addresses God directly. «Don’t try and save me, and please God forsake me.» You can’t speak to a God you don’t believe in. Live long enough and you realize that believing in God also means being angry with Him from time to time.
    I can’t speak for the singer/sonwriter, but that’s how I see it.

  12. Fortress7447:

    I just love this song, so much.

  13. Danie Disney:

    I disagree with you as well. Highly disagree actually.
    Music is art, and just like all art, different people will have different views.
    =) I was never fighting just stating my point on the matter.

  14. TheFubbick:

    I disagree with who’s interpretation is most important, but fine. Let’s not fight over a simple song.

  15. Danie Disney:

    That is your opinion. I have found other quotes from him saying different things. 😉
    I believe when he wrote it he didn’t expect such a hard following so had different takes on the song himself.
    Plus with any music, it’s how the person listening to it takes it that matters. If everyone didn’t have some sort of personal understanding of the song it wouldn’t be so popular.
    So again, I stick with my original statement. =)

  16. TheFubbick:

    Found a quote of the writer explaining it: «I wasn’t there for someone when they needed me and it cost me in the long-term. At least that is a very simplified version of it.» David J. Roch
    And that explanation, coupled with the lyrics, could be interpreted as God having abandoned us, we being pissed and disappointed about it and it’ll cost God in the end. Either way you look at it, this is no celebration of faith or God.

  17. Danie Disney:

    -Continued- So for my first statement on how I feel about the meaning of the song reflects this emotion/response. =)

  18. Danie Disney:

    I understand completely what you are saying in it being taken that way.
    Although again sites like that are giving their opinions on the lyrics. I have not seen the writer say that though.
    The way I feel the lyrics are combined with the emotion in the song is more so him saying to go away ect. to god, but hoping that god doesn’t leave him anyways.
    As if when your upset and tell people you want to be alone but hope that they will hear what you aren’t saying and stay.

  19. TheFubbick:

    No, no. I did NOT mean to attack. I just read your post and went to find the lyrics to try and dechipher them and I came to my conclusion that the song is anti-religion which is opposite of your idea. And since you got that part of the lyrics so wrong then I thought you’d appreciate being given the right lyric so you’d know; after all, that one part changes the whole songs meaning. And I had it confirmed on another site (that tells you what songs mean) that this song is infact anti-religion.