Sarah McLachlan — I Will Remember You [Official Music Video]

Distributed in the US by WMG «I Will Remember You» by Sarah McLachlan from Mirrorball, available now. Download on iTunes: Links: twitter…

[youtube uHooH4464dQ]

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  1. Once was:

    Think of me.

  2. Donna Herman:

    will you remember me

  3. Jack Gookler:

    Dun, Dumb, Dumb….

  4. Jack Gookler:

    Of course you will…we know for memory. Slavery.

  5. RayRay PooteyTang:

    Got to say still one of my fav…… I think of my Granddad whenever I hear this!

  6. jolyene87:

    My mom passed at the age of 36 I was 12 this was the song she chose for her wake. I. Definitely remember you mom I love you. This song hits home for me

  7. Glenn parent:

    well -who can sing like that .,and play the piano and ias that fkin hot-go ahead.

  8. Turd Ferguson:

    I dislike Sarah McLachlan, but I like this song.

  9. Mike Anthony:

    So sorry to hear that Lora…I had some friends in my graduating class die before graduation, and then a young female from my graduating class of 1985 in Syracuse, NY at Henninger Sr High was raped and murdered at Potsdam College in Potsdam, NY her freshman year! This crime is uncalled for in our society! Frankly, I think if your a rapist and you get caught: they ought to cut off your balls!!! Very sad…sorry to hear news of anyone young dying before their time!!

  10. Su Ann:

    I will always remember you.With love…your sister

  11. TokaeZ:

    she is hot.

  12. edward law:

    i lost my best friend to cancer,there no day that gone by i dont mmiss my best friend.R.I.P mom and we will meet again.i will remember you.

  13. Frank Cocon Bernardo:

    This Woman Sings the most beautiful songs i haver Heard…!

  14. jazn29:

    My gf died and she toldme to listen to this rip gracie died this morning

  15. Michelle Alexander:

    This song makes me cry my rabbit died when it played

  16. Geline Lee:

    awww. love this song