How To Make Graphene

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  1. byalexandr:

    In other words, one will slip off of another, causing it to snap.

  2. MrProtoking:

    i beleve its this, your not breaking the «graphene» when you snap graphite, you are breaking the layers apart, since you can separate a single sheet of atoms. it is incredibly strong.

  3. Gyronetic:

    the reference to shrek too stronk

  4. LimitedWard:

    The moral to this story is, the smaller the better 😛

  5. TheSuperSizzler:

    No, I think kinda more like onions. Or cakes.

  6. LittleBLProductions:


  7. Antony Hamilton:

    Another thing! I though carbon atoms had 4 free single-bonds, Because they need 4 more electrons to complete their valence orbital. But the flat hexagonal structure of graphene only shows 3 joints per carbon atom. Is one of these bonds a double bond? If so, how does that affect the lattice. If not, what happens to that free electron «hole» in each carbon atom?

  8. Antony Hamilton:

    Currently, I don’t believe that a 1 layer thick sheet of graphene would support that elephant on a pencil. So how many layers would it take? And how many layers does it take for use in electronic touchscreens? Also, if nobody has seen an individual atom even with the use of a microscope, then how can we tell if a layer is one atom thick?

  9. Antony Hamilton:

    Is a single sheet of graphene visible to the naked on a bit of tape if we put enough time into splitting up the layers? I’d imagine not.

  10. i Lyvenx:

    no wonder they snap so easily hehe

  11. eqazec:

    What song played at the end? Anyone know?

  12. cucumbercat57:

    Cool story bro.

  13. Explodingcreeperssss:

    My ipad is about to die