Radical Face ‘Welcome Home’

Radical Face Album — THE FAMILY TREE — The Roots Digital: http://tinyurl.com/TheFamilyTreeTheRootsDeluxe Physical: http://radicalface.com/store.html DIRECTOR…

[youtube P8a4iiOnzsc]

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комментариев 17

  1. iLukz:

    845 people have no home.

  2. aldeezzzy:

    Sounds like this song would be from the smashing pumpkins

  3. alig2082:

    nikon brought me here haha

  4. kris malt:

    Ein richtig gutes Lied. Unglaublich was ich verpasst hätte wenn ich die Nikon Werbung nicht gesehen hätte.

  5. TheImortalChor:

    I think I’m the only one here that knows this is a troll

  6. Biliniak94:

    Your life is Fail!

  7. XxINsAnE9:

    Lol qantas sent me here

  8. Saginedda:

    Fail 🙂

  9. Steven Hakes:

    good song, but this bites the shins style so hard

  10. Thomas Cowan:

    how ? 😀

  11. CreamyYellowButter:

    I love kodak!!

  12. Baltazar León Velazquez:

    Ok, Let’s go to buy a Nikon

  13. tertia paterson:

    funniest comment Ive seen in a while now.

  14. Maryann Miljevich:

    Ignorant. Not ALL mainstream music is bull.

  15. marcman5109:

    Dont know how people wouldnt like this a great song and a very well put together video

  16. FortySeventhFairy:

    He looks very slim in this video am I the only one who’s noticed?

  17. fritz0011:

    youporn sent me here o.O wtf!