Snow leopard on acer aspire one zg5

Mac osx snow leopard I put on my friends acer aspire one.

[youtube hbTUKczHonQ]

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  1. Troy Moore:

    no dvd slot -_-

  2. Troy Moore:

    i do not. just installed on a friends. didnt experiment too much after

  3. Troy Moore:


  4. Troy Moore:

    but multibeast and everything still has to be installed afterwards

  5. Troy Moore:

    first off, its an aspire one (netbook) there is no dvd option. i had to install snow leopard using the OSX SL vanilla installation disk onto the aspire one HHD from another mac. which can also be done using virtual box. but once its installed on the HDD, just put it back into the netbook and boot

  6. cookie4444100:

    Did u just put the dvd or watever in straight away and it came up?

  7. ssjsvle:

    Do you know how to change the aspect ratio (screen resolution) as I can’t see all of the Garageband screen when it is open. Thebottom part is missing.
    Any ideas?!
    Many thanks

  8. Troy Moore:

    after using a few kext files from, yes