The Noisettes — Never Forget You (Official song & Video!)

One of The Noisettes newest & finest songs to date!

[youtube KRQ0EMGb89E]

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комментариев 19

  1. Laney Koven:

    hipster diana ross ;P

  2. christinakccm:

    her voice style reminds me a bit of Amy <3

  3. Paul Golio:

    one of the best songs ever

  4. aboody006:

    Cuz people these days are dipshits.

  5. Charlotte Neal:

    Please watch my sisters cover of this songgg please needs support for a competition she is in!!!

  6. Juana Ericka Plata Hernandez:

    Siempre recuerda me……………….

  7. Suzanne Maria:

    Never forget you <3

  8. BaniKaty:


  9. SlenderMan92:

    That’s kinda cool 🙂

  10. steelmanpap:

    Love the Noisettes. Pass it on.

  11. Twaha Ramadhani:

    black peoples hair bounces back its hard to mess up once you got it how you want it, i know this because i am black ahaaaa

  12. steelmanpap:

    A well known band in England that somehow goes unnoticed in America. It’s not right.

  13. Alen Isagholi:

    Bruno Venus

  14. Athenea Silver:

    Love it♥

  15. Alison A. Hall:

    i found it again!! after three years of searching!! 😀

  16. business209:

    First of all, calm your language down, no need to be so angry, says this hipster. Secondly, I never heard of Neutral Milk Hotel and I don’t know of anyone who does. I’ll be happy to check them out anyway, since word of mouth is the only way these obscure bands can get any publicity.

  17. sixteenbitninja:

    It takes time and effort to make good music so it’s harder to commercialize. Garbage on the other hand…

  18. johnnysteve1:

    thats a bass, nae a guitar

  19. livelifelovemusic10:

    i hope your aware of your spelling errors, but yup i agree ;D