Scorekeeper for PlayBook and iOS

Scorekeeper is now also available for iPad+iPhone as «Scorekeeper XL» on the App Store: Scorekeeper lets you keep track of scores during p…

[youtube sXqXpwyBI1k]

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  1. metulj227:

    Thank you for your great app. I just love it. It kind of looks like a Eurovision Song Contest scoreboard. I was looking for an app that would allow me to keep track of such scores and your app totally works for that, which makes me happy. I only wish it were possible to add more teams, as there are usually around 25-26 teams taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest.

  2. Heves Laszlo:

    That’s soooo frikkin’ awesome!

  3. Aga Villagomeza:

    Why is THIS the best app on my playbook………..

  4. Jayden Lawson:

    Love the animated effects. Well done.

  5. Jayden Lawson:


  6. ajjodie2001:

    This looks amazing….however please, please add it to the android market….there r some anti apple ppl left in the world!

  7. mclarenguy22:

    This should be on all sorts of technology, like PC’s, game consoles, etc.

  8. Sarah Blair:

    Is there and android version yet?

  9. sintua:

    Another voice in the sea of Android requests! You have some excellent design sensibilities, I love how smooth this is.

  10. David Hein:

    Android port please?

  11. Steve R.:

    please make an android version, pleeeeeease

  12. omar300i:

    this is great! good job on dev

  13. Maksimuschka:

    amazing sounds and animations, good job!

  14. tamarraojbeipl47S:

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  15. Steve Grenier:

    Where’d you get the sound effects? Really great, suits the app great.

  16. Jeffrey J. Hoover:

    Can you turn off the auto sorting? Some games score by turn and it might be easier to track players sequentially rather than by who has the lead…

  17. bibulb:

    The one thing I’d ask for is the ability to sort by score OR name. Otherwise, mighty fine.

  18. Jeff Inkster:

    Nice and simple.
    Can’t really complain since free is free but one suggestion I’d have is having separate banks for different games. Otherwise, nicely done.

  19. luvmakingfunofu:

    Very well done. Just because the primary purpose of an app is relatively simple, doesn’t mean it can’t be made to look beautiful and have well thought out UI elements. A lot of devs could take more than a few lessons from your creation. I’ll be adding it to my iPhone and iPad ASAP.

  20. youngnam:

    Oh! are you actually Matt Rix? disregard my silliness… thanks for making awesome apps!

  21. youngnam:

    It sounds like you’re using a sound from the game Trainyard when the app starts. I hope it’s licensed for you to do this… ?