Accidentally in Love (w/ lyrics)

Another thingy. New Years Eve ftw!

[youtube 22bK0C2obFc]

iphone 6

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  1. Angel Thompson:

    story of my life 🙂 I love you Jesse!

  2. cutekittens6:

    i like this song ~

  3. WeeyumEdits:


  4. MyComercials:

    So, according to Shrek all I have to do to find love is: Rescue a princess from a castle, give her to a prince, put up with an annoying donkey, save the princess from the prince; seems easy enough.

  5. SpanishG4M3R:

    my childhood 🙂

  6. milysa98:

    First thing to come to mind… HOMESTUCK

  7. Misz Chubbs:

    eminds me of Shrek!

  8. Sweetsugarshell:

    I love this song, it’s so sweet 🙂

  9. nerdberky:

    Does anybody else think that Prince Charming from Shrek looks a little like Jaime Lannister from GoT? (The weird stuff that goes through your head on a Shrek soundtrack marathon :D)

  10. Marika Baldini:

    Go Shrek, go!

  11. Taffyta Muttonfudge:

    Love this song so much! Love the tune <3

  12. hallie joseph:

    lol sherk my favorite movie 😀

  13. nikkiidawsome:

    sory its hard to type. my nails were wet.