Luke and Hugh from the Kooks — Junk of the Heart (Live in the Bing Lounge)

August 2, 2011 — Luke and Hugh from the Kooks with «Junk Of The Heart» in the Bing Lounge, presented by Dick Hannah Dealerships. 101.9 KINK.FM. Portland, OR …

[youtube sIABeOzR-_g]

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментария 23

  1. brightbo3:

    noone understands how much i would pay for lukes guitar

  2. caanburo189:

    realmente son grandiosos 🙂

  3. cariian:

    Echt schlimm was aus denen geworden ist 🙁
    Die waren sooo gut, und das neue Album ist so anders. Klingt nich mehr nach den Kooks, find ich…

  4. Fernanda Oliveira:

    just can’t get enough 

  5. pistonsnotebook:

    two* of the best singers at the moment

  6. pornopartyoli:

    kooks just gone gay! seht es ein leute

  7. MrBoxkev:

    they sound better 

  8. Karen V:

    I didn’t think he’d sound so good live!!! WOW!

  9. sakiyorkieee:

    I love Hugh and Luke!! Kooks make me happy 😉

  10. pascaleplaysguitar:

     it’s a gibson

  11. Fiskmaz:


  12. Soff B.:

    wanna marry him 😉

  13. futility1981:

    He’s got it plugged into that cool old silvertone amp 😉

  14. farts mcgee:

    Hugh’s guitar sounds a lot like an electric…

  15. boobies166:

    i want you to make my penis happy

  16. cirunka:

    0:16 the guitar sounds like a voice. Oo

  17. iisabelt:

    I wanna make you feel alive at night too Luke, so happy and so alive.

  18. Ciaran O'Donovan:


  19. gentledanny:

    i was not commenting on how you spelt anything so your point is void, i was merely stating that you had used a double negative, therefore making your statement (that was meant to be positive) negative.

  20. leedevra:

    Frodo Baggin’s Brothers

  21. danogolden777:

    … either you’ve never played guitar, or your complete trash cause that solo is far from epic.

  22. Dream Comes True:

    So catchy song. :)

  23. gloriousfungai:

    awesome. thats the only way i can explain it.