One Direction — What Makes You Beautiful (5 Piano Guys, 1 piano) — ThePianoGuys

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[youtube 0VqTwnAuHws]

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  1. Mary Paul Frame:

    Love!!!! Love!!!!! Love this!!!!!

  2. Farik Mamedov:

    Это действительно здорово….Молодцы ребята.

  3. axelzyrusjuntereal:

    its so amazing!!

  4. fuuta maruyama:

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  5. Macky Borchard:

    Love it listened to it 100 times literally!!!!

  6. samrose963:

    Perfect 🙂

  7. tysonwoodward9:

    Great performance! but if someone did this to my grand i would kill them

  8. thepielord13:

    you guys will be lucky if that piano does not file for rape

  9. Xela Therese Alferez:


  10. Knotereaders:

    Most must have came here for amazing music by the pianoguys 🙂
    we are 2 musicians and would like to share our piano/sax music channel
    we just started and hope to invite an audience who loves hearing music
    we thank you for reading and hope you can give us a chance 🙂

  11. John Wesley:

    follow @THEBANDJUSTUS on twitter and look up Speechless by The Band Justus it is an awesome song!

    Free Music

  12. lagablab009:

    two thumbs up….

  13. ThEMrDiSLiKe:

    really?? YOU MUST BE KIDDING!

  14. kingtidus992:

    wow that was redonkulous! the piano is my favorite instrument, it can be played to sound as good as all other instruments

    Very well done

  15. wadair522:

    Pretty much anything does. Just saying.