Christina Perri — A Thousand Years (Official Lyric Video)

«a thousand years» on itunes: video by elliott sellers — htt…

[youtube OHkvan-NFnM]

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  1. pimpofdoom:

    dont remind me

  2. natalie weatherford:

    GerIta anyone?

  3. Joe Hang:

    Awesome video!


  4. Muiz Muat Di:

    aku suka ini kawan

  5. Patricia o'shaughnessy:

    im gonna dance this with my husband on our 20th at Disney Grand Floridian!

  6. iwatchfunny:

    NEVER!!! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  7. gabi suemi:

    adoro essa musica

  8. Kieran Peck:

    Sorry i have weird pet peeves XD

  9. Cha Caboodle:

    Woah calm down.

  10. Kieran Peck:

    No that is A Thousand Years Part 2…. Also why are you asking for thumbs up!?! I hate it so much when people do this! Like I always say,people thumbs up a comment they like, like if you put a comment saying «I love abortion and gays never marry and let the people in Africa starve to death!» No one is going to like that, so please stop asking for likes people like a comment if they want!

  11. flora cash:

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    thanks 🙂
    flora cash

  12. Sally Smith:

    Hi, I’m Sally Smith, I’ve just covered ‘A Thousand Years’ by Christina Perri, I think the song’s so beautiful and would love to know what people think of my version 🙂 I really appreciate all the help I can get 🙂 thank you!!

  13. Angie Medina:

    Hello People
    Before you ignore me please just give me a chance
    I love singing since I was a little girl and it became my biggest passion
    Some people are trying to put me down but I keep my head up and keep doing what I love to do
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    It means the world to me
    Thank you!

  14. MissPreciousSapphire:

    Really???? Never Realized that

  15. rayssa sousa:

    adoro essa musica

  16. Matthew Holton:

    No shit Sherlock.

  17. Selena Cayabyab:

    Awesome song