Old School Games Alex Kidd

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[youtube dULQ1vkc76w]

Буря в стакане

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комментария 23

  1. TheLolmoe:

    Nice video 🙂

  2. Furotiza:

    Love them oldschool gaimz, can’t wait to see something like bomberman done by you guys

  3. Rpdlol:

    Alex Kidd I MISS YOU!

  4. coop995:

    Sega Master System FTW

  5. Nathan Wills:

    Athene did you ever play settlers 1/2?

  6. peterk202:


  7. peterk202:


  8. Shaqt88:

    unsubscribing..too much videos of nonsense.. not this one tho.. this is actually interesting.. but way to much videospam of bs… sry athene

  9. SedoksGaming:

    Crazy stuff Athene, Crazy stuff

  10. thatim525:

    First game i ever played, still the best!

  11. MrTheBmeister:

    This game was the shit

  12. lexingowzu:

    I need to buy an 8 bit system

  13. dditas:

    I hated bosses where you had to play rock/paper/scissors with them…

  14. diablomag99:

    Actually is pretty cool

  15. Eric Lightman:

    I love this game…I still play it.

  16. 7h380x:

    This game feels so incredibly familiar o.o Yet I do not remember actually playing it, but it felt so familiar, it’s scary

  17. wowrobs:

    :D memories

  18. 96Kasztan69:

    this game must be very funny 😉

  19. zefuros:

    i agree with abraham i remember this game so clear but not remember playing it :S

  20. mogry83:

    This game was pre installed onto the master system. So even if you had no game cartridges you could play something :p

  21. Dstorter Mullin:

    Sega mastersystem….i used to alctually miss my bus in primary school so i could go and play it on my friends console….i had the NES….but this was amazing. Now i have D3.

  22. Welandeeer:

    Hook me uppp 🙂

  23. kevindoc84:

    thank you for the video athene, very good!