Agnes Obel — Riverside (official)

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[youtube vjncyiuwwXQ]

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комментария 22

  1. kadany95:

    on IMDB

  2. Joanne Coyle:

    It was in the tv show revenge twice, and once in Greys Anatomy 🙂

  3. victor6250:

    Where have i heard this before!?!

  4. Braindestructor:

    amazing song!

  5. MrBootpeople:

    It’s a television show ….

  6. Christoffer Bøttger:

    I Believe it’s at tv show or something

  7. Lucy Holmes:

    It sounds so twisted and dark, but it just makes is more beautiful, if it’s even possible.

  8. Manuel P:

    Me gusta!

  9. José Victor Marinho:

    «Revenge is a TV show currently in its second season. This song featured in season 1, episode 4.» And I found this song in this episode.

  10. alib1149:

    Love this song. Very gentle and slightly melancholy. I am thankful to Revenge too. 🙂

  11. alib1149:

    Revenge is a TV show currently in its second season. This song featured in season 1, episode 4.

  12. Chokobold1:


  13. Tanya Elayne:

    Submarino brought me here…. Glad to see ‘Merica is getting some good music from across the pond on tv.

  14. Sanmuar:

    Haha, thanks for that wonderful explanation.

  15. CarlGorn:

    «Revenge» is a fairly successful drama on ABC which made use of this amazing song. I first heard it during an episode of Grey’s Anatomy.
    All that aside, it’s a haunting, beautiful, melancholy song, well worthy of my playlist, «Exquisite Listening.»

  16. Jamila Pizzicone:

    Semplicemente bellissima!! 😀

  17. KawAwesome:

    my awesome tastes brought me here…

  18. Sanmuar:

    who the fuck is revenge

  19. Manuel Aljibes Rosas:


  20. Valentine Carletti:

    Revenge brought me here 🙂 beautiful song

  21. lolita lafon:

    belle musique franchement

  22. Marion Larger:

    Well obviously I am the only one, but Grey’s Anatomy brought me here ! Amazing show, amazing characters, and more amazing songs !