Lupe Fiasco & Guy Sebastian — Battle Scars [Official Music Video]

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[youtube _mPd_SDAryQ]

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Caleb Hart:

    My sister & I grew up as the embarrassing bastard kids mistreated by our stepdad while mom stood by and watched. Both of us are grown and have happy lives now because we always knew that things would get better. But it is never easy even now, & our struggles will be with us forever.
    I made a song «Rosabelle» ft. my sister, about those struggles. I’m new to the music scene, but I think most people could appreciate the story behind the song. Please listen and share. Thank you for the chance.

  2. OoClassyPenguinoO:

    who else turned off their computer? XD

  3. baghooli:

    ha ha ha ha 😀

  4. Kayla Dahl:

    Well damn hun. If you wanna watch some one do them self so much go watch some porn geez.

  5. Kayla Dahl:

    The beep is going to kill me…. Hits all my cranky parts..

  6. 123meggiema:

    This guy’s voice is amazing

  7. marlonandsnoopy27:

    Fuck! My ears >.<

  8. Timothy Bowers:

    Go fuck yourself. Now, go fuck yourself again. Now, go kill yourself.

  9. ogex666:

    You know, it’s sad. you might be the best artist in the world, but when you write comments like this I don’t even want to listen to your music…

  10. UtopicDystopia:

    Time to turn off my computer =)

  11. bryson walls:

    i hate the beep to, but i like song

  12. Ljubi Alimovic:

    Heard this song some months ago and just LOVED it!
    Did a cover of it and it would mean so much if you took your time to check it and to let me know what you think about it, thumb up this comment if you liked it so more people will see it !

  13. soulslayer2004:

    what the heck they have rihanna

  14. aaadddooo123:

    In my opinion, the beep in the end is for people who download music directly
    from youtube so it’s some sort of a penalty ;)

  15. Kamal Memmedov:

    Hello everyone! 🙂
    Sorry for bothering
    I’m 17 years old and I’ve been writing and recording for about one year
    I work extremely hard on my lyrics and flow, but it’s very hard to get views
    And nothing gets me more hyped than making music! It’s my passion!
    It would make my day if at least one of you could come through and listen?
    Maybe you’ll like it, maybe not, but just that view is what I’m hoping for…
    Could you please help me along my long road with a Big THUMBS UP?
    Thank y’all!

  16. dallas gomez: