James Blake ‘Retrograde’

Retrograde is available from Monday 11th February — http://smarturl.it/JBOItunes Taken from the album ‘Overgrown’ out 8th April Produced by A+ — http://acade…

[youtube 6p6PcFFUm5I]

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментариев 16

  1. shirouki666:

    go back to your games ok

  2. ArmaAceChannel:

    i watched maybe 15 seconds of this and i already decided it was the worst fuckign song i have ever heard.

  3. Henry Baker:


  4. Aisha Jimoh:

    his voice is perfection

  5. Jess Abran:

    Oh, James Blake PLEASE sing me a lullaby in Montreal <3

  6. DragonzPk:

    Fastest 4 minutes of my life.

  7. kristka1:

    I dont understand the siren sound 

  8. hbeecroft:

    in love with this song amazing

  9. Jamz Scantlebury:

    what a fucking tune!

  10. theHARLZTA:

    If you’re in AUS, listen to Triple J. They play great songs like this one as well as many others.

  11. John Cena:

    truth fam

  12. footballgirl263:

    i don’t get why everyone says this never gets played on the radio. i always hear it on bbc radio 1 !

  13. stevenormski:

    mellow and cool love the token black!


    radio plays crap cause it’s all commercial its always about the money. Radio is sucks! Thanks youtube!

  15. decimus81:

    gets played on tripple j :)

  16. ailtonjuba: