How a Smartphone Knows Up from Down (accelerometer)

Bill takes apart a smartphone and explains how its accelerometer works. He also shares the essential idea underlying the MEMS production of these devices.Thi…

[youtube KZVgKu6v808]

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  1. MakiD2010:


  2. Xamil2:

    What software do You use for making yours animations?

  3. TheRealHungryGrox:

    Bill thanks for your videos. It helps me a lot with the engineering course I am taking. Rock on! 😀

  4. MrDanteStylez:

    wow that’s pretty amazing

  5. Megha Sridhar:

    so cool!

  6. Dylan Gillespie:

    This is too damn complicated

  7. erbiwbtg:

    dude get a life……..

  8. taldzor:

    you just awesome…

  9. TurnoverGryphon:

    It’s not up and down, It’s up and landscape mode, dumbass.



  11. Albert Fong:

    I asked Astronaut Chris Hadfield but didn’t get an answer to this question: How would a this work on the International Space Station? From your explanation, I don’t think it would work.

  12. LimitedWard:

    I just discovered your videos today and I’m already blown away by how awesome they are 😀

  13. Mikl0026:

    You can’t expect that with around 5-600 commentaries on every video, he’ll answer yours, pull yourself together man.

  14. LittleJohnEnterprise:

    thank you for answering my question i asked you last video THANKS A LOT 🙁 i will unsubscribe