080809: Tour: Baulkham Hills

I thought I’d start a little simple tour «series» where i tell you what suburb i’m in, streets that i know at the time of filming.

[youtube oc-5RuVCVqU]

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  1. sketchrider83:

    Thanks for the input. this is actually an old video and channel of mine. I do edit my videos now compared to majority of the videos on this channel hehe. but thanks again. i appreciate the feedback

  2. Louizalass:

    This could do with a bit of editing! How about cutting some of the waiting at the lights?!!

  3. sketchrider83:

    thanks mate, gotta love that yoshi! and yes the traffic is awful on saturdays!

  4. Swipe650:

    That exhaust sounds great. Nightmare traffic there

  5. sketchrider83:

    cheers mate! yeh i had a yoshimura full system and slip on installed.

  6. woodyx10:

    i love the way your exhaust sounds on your bike. doesnt even sound like a 250

  7. brotherblonde:

    Nah, she doesn’t ride, she pillions. She doesn’t want to do the course, for some reason. But I’m working on her. Mabey your wifey will be her inspiration to learn!

  8. sketchrider83:

    hahaha hakintosh!  yeh i recognized it was imovie but they were all defaults of imovie,

    adobe premiere ay! wow i never knew you can edit stuff like that.. i used after effects and just use premiere to cut scenes

  9. DumbDuck44:

    oh just adobe premiere. you should see 808s though, she has cool transition effects from imovie on her hakintosh.

  10. sketchrider83:

    hahahaha i’ll keep that in mind!!!
    hey i got to ask you, what program you use to edit your vids? your «robot bike» video was cool with all the graphics on the screen

  11. sketchrider83:

    thanks mate! it does get confusing when sometimes the addresses in that area reads baulkham hills!! i wish they themselves would know! hahaha by the way, i saw your message to my mrs about how hot your wife looks in her pink gear! haha i didn’t know she rides! why not encourage her to motovlog?

  12. brotherblonde:

    Home maker centre, Castle Hill, Victoria Ave, turning right into Showground rd..still in Castle hill.

    Any you get wrong, I’ll be there to help. 🙂

  13. DumbDuck44:

    I can see your umbilical chord. =o hey, I have a request; can you make a «how to speak australian» vlog? word is for example that ozzies don’t «throw shrimps on the barbie». Also, I learned that its kindof like british english but pronouncing R’s is forbidden, any other tips?

    In exchange, might teach y’all how to speak Texan. 😀