80/90s Baby spoken word. #universityofsulibreaks style Click link to go to quiz: www.youtube.com Answers to quiz: universityofsulibreaks.tumblr.com 80/90s Baby I’m a 80’s baby Well 90’s Slightly, precisely, But let the confusion there then end. Because u no my generation dnt beg friend. So give me Power Rangers over Ben 10 Give me the old, not the «new n improved» X-men N it’s absurd, they had the nerve to make a 3D «Tin Tin» And that’s no hating But «That’s so Raven»?!?!!? Did I Miss da, picture? Nah darg, Give me Sister Sister That spinster Finster, and girls that know it all like clarissa And no way is Harry potter, badder than Sabrina. He lasted 7 books She did 7 seasons. Do the math And I understand why these kids now hang around late nights in park Coz they ain’t seen enough episodes of Goosebumps or «Are you afraid of the dark?» I remember as soon as I could see that no longer the sun was up The fun was up, I ain’t tryna get eaten by no giant fleshing eating rabbit. The death of 8am Saturday morning was tragic But for my generation they were a habit Coz I ain’t tryna miss vr3 troopers,smurfs, duck tales, care bears and captain planet. Can u believe my lil cousin now wakes up around 12 o’clock And nowadays you kids got worry about thing Herpes In our day the worst thing u could catch was the Lurgis And it was all about the high top, borders and waves. Coz «In West Philadelphia is where we were born and raised And on the playground is where I spent most of my days

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