K. Sparks — Sunshine — OFFICIAL VIDEO (@Ksparkstv)

iTunes: itunes.apple.com Artist: K. Sparks Producer: Payozo Song: Sunshine Director/Editor: Eduardo Donoso Camera Operators: Eduardo Donoso, Chris Gurinsky, Robert Merkle, Anthony Casataldi VFX: Rogelio Delgado, Mike Atwood Title Design: Kar Kay Ho Storyboard Illustrator: Serene Crown Fidele K. Sparks KdotSparks.com © 2012

[youtube _4dkDjh7G-8]


Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментариев 12

  1. sticky84:

    i honestly cried when I listened to this right now

  2. packatalltimes:

    hahahaha on the exact same level homie

  3. Robin Navarrete Fritz:

    can you whrite the liryc of that song to me?, my english is awful :/

  4. SwaggerLikeUz:

    Wow your definitely an impressive artist K Sparks, yo shout out to Dawn for putting me onto your talent and music. I’m definitely a fan after discovering this channel and these songs. Salute! 🙂

  5. PondosWorld:

    love this guy, he shows you dont have to be the «typical» rapper and do it for the love and meaning behind rap, he’s hit me back like twice too, real humble dude

  6. dabuttonpusha:

    love your work!

  7. TASQtv:


  8. Robin Navarrete Fritz:

    best instrumental ever!

  9. RnSoul100:

    K. SPARKS 6 UN GRANDE !!!!

  10. Kaya-Quintana Broekhuijsen:

    I love, love, love your music!

  11. JBlues627:

    역시 최고!!

  12. Justin Hilton:

    feeling this