I proposed to my girlfriend, Vy, by writing a song and making a music video for her. We went out to see a film at our favorite movie theater and she was completely surprised once she figured out what was playing on the screen wasn’t actually an iPhone commercial. iTunes DOWNLOAD: bit.ly I’ve received many questions and I’ll attempt to answer some! 1) My friends said «don’t you dare» because they were wanting to match Vy up with a different friend but lucky for me they weren’t interested in each other. 2) Vy is pronounced «Vee». 3) Yes, we have a bit of a height difference. She’s 5’0 and I’m 6’4! 4) Yes, she’s old enough to get engaged. Ha! She’s 26. Just very young looking! 5) No, I did not hire «Weird Al» to sing this song. It’s actually me singing (and playing the instruments) haha! 6) That ring and diamond are from here: www.jamesallen.com LONG VERSION: Vy (Vee) has been wanting me to write a song for her for a very long time. I decided to write a Top 40 / Club type song because this is the type of music she likes most. Since I’m not a great singer, I found it very convenient that auto-tune is very popular in this genre. Ha! I recorded and mixed everything in Pro Tools. No loops were used. A big thank you to my brother, Casey, for doing a great job filming all the iPhone action. This entire project took about 4 months to complete since I could only work on it when Vy was not around. It was hard coming up with so many fake excuses why I couldn’t hang out! As the

[youtube XMRBGtyQuXk]

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