This video shows you how to quickly and easily implement a Passbook stored value card for your business. To get a free PassKit Account simply register at This is just a simple example how you can implement a Passbook stored value card for your business. All you need is — A PassKit Account — A device capable of scanning 2D Barcodes (an iPhone or iPod Touch works fine with a free scanning app) — Wifi or a data plan on your iPhone in your shop — Customers who want to enjoy the convenience Obviously you can use the PassKit API to integrate into your POS systems if you prefer or use our free pass checkout service: This video first shows you how to get the sample stored value Pass 1. Open Safari in your iPhone or iPod Touch (with the latest Operating System installed iOS6) 2. Go to http 3. Scroll down to the sample passes 4. Select the AbraKebabra Pass 5. Tap the Add to Passbook Button 6. Enter your name and email address in the text fields. (The email address is for Pass recovery, should you lose your phone or accidentally delete the Pass. This comes as a standard feature on all PassKit Passes so your customers have complete peace of mind). 7. Tap the Add to Passbook Button 8. And then when the Pass is displayed in your phone, tap the Add Button (in the top right hand corner) 9. Come back to your Home Screen and open the Passbook app 10. Choose the AbraKebabra Pass You can distribute your stored value cards anyway you like. When

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