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[youtube OqwyRVqZ1jA]

iphone 6

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  1. Justin De Leon:

    Well, if you’d still like to have another chance to win ANOTHER IPAD 3, google for

  2. Anthony Ruff:

    Plllzzzz bro

  3. deandre alexander:

    nice vid

  4. HelenaaSpangler17877:

    love the iphone it is cool

  5. ninav1700:

    nice video you are the best and a very nice person

  6. pamh H:

    and for those below who are looking for an iPad 3 for Free, simply google:

    I hope to get my New iPad for FREE soon can’t wait for it! weee 🙂

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  9. annie nguyen:

    i would love iphone verizion

  10. ilikeandfavorite:


  11. ilikeandfavorite:

    i would like the iphone 4 verizion

  12. Shabie18:

    Oh i thought its over but yayyy im not late. enter me! i would love to win this for my birthday.

  13. jesse schultz:

    please pick me to win the iphone im feeling lucky:)

  14. MrLinkster Hangster:

    hey can i have 1 ipod touch cauze i never ever had one oh and im not spiol so yeah please