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|||*READ DESCRIPTION*||| MP3: www.mediafire.com So..like..StarCraft II music. anyway, this theme, being my favourite Terran theme from both games, was supposed to be done long ago..like right after my Terran 1 cover, but that damn solo. That damn bendy lick at around 2:07 was just…you know..FUCK. You don’t want to know how many freaking takes it took to play that part decently, and I’m glad I actually did. I am indeed quite the proud of this one. Also, next weeks cover is going to be my last cover forever 🙂 and because of that, the cover obviously has to be fucking epic right? Which is why it’s going to be a medley of my favourite video game of all time…so stay tuned. I’ve been working on it for about 2 weeks now and I hope it lives up to being my last cover. Just kidding, its not my last cover forever. But last cover for sometime..because I have been approached to do an awesome project that wont be possible to do if I stick with making weekly covers. The project should last around..a couple of months. I’ll tell yous what it is next week 😀 Composers: Derek Duke Glenn Stafford Russell Brower Neal Acree Electric Guitar: Epiphone Les Paul Custom Acoustic Guitar: YAMAHA FGX720SCA Bass: Fender Jazz Microphone: Shure PG81 Effects: Line 6 PodFarm Interface: Line 6 UX1 Drums: Toontrack EZDrummer Video Software: Sony Vegas Pro 11 Audio Software: Reaper Mastered by Roman McGee using Izotope Ozone 5 Video Camera: iPhone 4S I DO NOT have tabs as I learn everything by ear

iphone 6

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15 комментариев

  1. Sartrage

    Tabs? D:

  2. zeniey

    I’ve seen this video so many times on the terran theme 4 search list. But this is the first time I’ve listened to it… When I play as toss or zerg. I will mute music and just play this now… It’s so beautiful.

  3. Quanfo

    have you got a tab???

  4. juggernaut4

    All of these are really well done, dude!

  5. ManAtPogo

    2:38 — O_O! Awesome!

  6. warbossworm

    Excellent as usual.

  7. dfttg

    oh man you are a total boss!
    love your covers!!!!

  8. WovenMarx

    I really want the acoustic guitar tabs T_T

  9. DSCAccount

    Hi there. I have decided to do a Majora’s Mask Medley, but I cant say when itll be uploaded. Stone Tower wont be in it..because its too much of an epic song for it to be chucked into a medley. It deserves its own video.

  10. Slymind


  11. Антон Кузнецов

    Божественно! Спасибо.

  12. Jackassbobby112

    Soooooooo GOOD!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Mark ll


  14. Han Solo

    I’m strapped in here tighter than a frog’s butt in a watermelon seed fight.

  15. cpthuba


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