Europe Saga #2 — Brussels14 комментариев


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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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14 комментариев

  1. cakeroo sellwood-blythe

    The fuck does Chris keep doing with his mouth( I don’t mean the talking, I just mean when he does that thing after he tastes the beer thing)

  2. Lieselot Lust

    you went to Brussels AND Bruges… I missed you people being in my country by 3 years.. Sort of pathetic

  3. Kiwimonster98

    ‘Goblet..goblet of fire.’ HARREH POTTEH REFERENCE

  4. Bean Warth

    I hold my cutlery the same way and its not that weird… =P

  5. Courtily Jones

    Chris: Mine smells like Christmas…

  6. MiMestUpLyf

    The face of ultimate joy after eating that waffle was unreal haha!

  7. Jazzi Taylor

    I always have chocolate on my waffles!!

  8. katerebekahp


  9. kaykate316

    Oh my god Chris

  10. Charlotte Marchal

    Yay for Brussels! What a pitty I didn’t accidentally ran into you back then, Brussels isn’t that big after all 🙂

  11. WheresSwanny

    Hehehe xD LOVE <3

  12. eft96

    lol Pj’s waffle made him so smiley

  13. jam456100

    Omg Chris just kills me XD

  14. LeshaPartay

    you so sounded like Cassie from skins when you ate the waffle. by Yahoo! Answers.