Europe Saga #2 — Brussels

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[youtube -up96UuKsGU]


Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментариев 14

  1. cakeroo sellwood-blythe:

    The fuck does Chris keep doing with his mouth( I don’t mean the talking, I just mean when he does that thing after he tastes the beer thing)

  2. Lieselot Lust:

    you went to Brussels AND Bruges… I missed you people being in my country by 3 years.. Sort of pathetic

  3. Kiwimonster98:

    ‘Goblet..goblet of fire.’ HARREH POTTEH REFERENCE

  4. Bean Warth:

    I hold my cutlery the same way and its not that weird… =P

  5. Courtily Jones:

    Chris: Mine smells like Christmas…

  6. MiMestUpLyf:

    The face of ultimate joy after eating that waffle was unreal haha!

  7. Jazzi Taylor:

    I always have chocolate on my waffles!!

  8. katerebekahp:


  9. kaykate316:

    Oh my god Chris

  10. Charlotte Marchal:

    Yay for Brussels! What a pitty I didn’t accidentally ran into you back then, Brussels isn’t that big after all 🙂

  11. WheresSwanny:

    Hehehe xD LOVE <3

  12. eft96:

    lol Pj’s waffle made him so smiley

  13. jam456100:

    Omg Chris just kills me XD

  14. LeshaPartay:

    you so sounded like Cassie from skins when you ate the waffle.