Jessie J — Price Tag (Rizzle Kicks vs Rural Remix)

Rizzle Kicks Album ‘Stereo Typical’ Rizzle Kicks merch store: http The Rizzle Kicks vs Rural Price Tag Remix is available on iTunes now http Directed by: Toby Lockerbie Lyrics: Yeah we don’t give like.. 5 bags ’bout a (price tag) If I’ve made it sound like I have then it’s (my bad) We’re all of a certified brand but don’t try brag, Or I’ll put my certified hand through your iPad like SMASH! And I promise you that (I’m glad) That I never really had money in my life man, Or maybe I’m bitter I could never really (find cash) And if I did, it would find tax, what’s that? F**K THAT! Yeah, mouthing off like a right lad, with a mind lapse, As the Morgan Spice slaps his synapse, I can assure you, that I thought I’d hear, Why’s that guy with a light tan driving a white van? So what, it’s like… (Everybody look to their left) Y-Yeah yeah yeah (Everybody look to their right) Ha, can you feel that yeah? Well I’m feeling kinda bummy but nah mate it’s not about the MONEY MONEY MONEY, WE DON’T NEED YOUR MONEY MONEY MONEY, WE JUST WANNA MAKE THE WORLD DANCE, FORGET ABOUT THE PRICE TAG… Ain’t about the… CHA CHING CHA CHING Ain’t about the… BA-BLING BA-BLING, WANNA MAKE THE WORLD DANCE, FORGET ABOUT THE PRICE TAG… Yes I’m climbing them heights man, Standing in the pub with a pint in my right hand, (life is alright) stand clear, Of the girls with their eyes on the prize, Stand up, if

[youtube aptTYLh9HD8]

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  1. kawthar alsulami:

    ابو كلب

  2. miiiiichellemariye:

    yes. but i saw the airmax, the blazers and their t-shirt. now its a question if u know what airmax and blazers are.

  3. Guilhem Le Franc:

    lol, did you understand the song ?

  4. macmad2324:

    2:39 too good jordan

  5. miiiiichellemariye:

    i like that u like nike

  6. partypoison485:

    Your perfect.

  7. arafter15:

    Jordan is perfect.

  8. Lorna May:

    anyone else notice there are two different people in this video?

  9. Amina J:

    Jordan is soooo cute 3 :3 love u rizzle kicks.

  10. Amina J:

    i love you Jordan 3333 :3

  11. alenkawells8:


  12. IamJuanez:

    2 snap backs on because 1 is to mainstream

  13. nael noel:


  14. Hippyvan1811:

    Rizzle kicks are the best in the world 🙂