JAMAICAN ME CRAZY! (7.26.10 — Day 452)

(READ!!) Rules to win free camera 🙂 1) MUST be following Charles & Alli on twitter (links below) 2) Everyday we will have a hashtag secret word/phrase in the video. When you see this — to «enter» type on twitter «@CharlesTrippy @AlliSpeed [Insert Secret Word/Phrase Here] for example: @CharlesTrippy @AlliSpeed #PoopIsFunny 3) ONLY enter once per day (more than once disqualifies your entry. 4) You may enter the phrase everyday (there will be 7 total) Good Luck 🙂 We are in Jamaica until August 2nd so please bare with us on uploading the videos — they’ll be everyday but times might be weird 🙂 Download our FREE iPhone/iPod app! bit.ly VOTE FOR US ON THE TEEN CHOICE AWARDS!! bit.ly you can vote every day!! yay!! Add Us On FACEBOOK: facebook.com Our Personal channels: youtube.com youtube.com Find us on Twitter: twitter.com twitter.com Our website: internetkilledtv.com FTC Disclaimer I was given a free camera. All opinions and comments are mine alone. I was compensated for using this camera.

[youtube z48-WUJn-gw]

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  1. southsidewilson:

    im jamaican! (: how cool is dat they came to my home

  2. Tanya Barrett:


  3. Mikayla Chandran:


  4. Lyric Seabrook:

    I remember this vlog like it was yesterday. (:

  5. Emily Wooters:

    Actually you’re not…it was superawesomesecretword. So, you’re safe, but now I’m the ass.

  6. SJsTravels:

    Thumbs up for watching this in 2013!

  7. BRA SIL:

    ja fui la de moto!

  8. shereewithakey1:

    Australia has daylight savings

  9. rsgoode617:

    fly into logan(Boston) u wont see land until u hit the run way haha

  10. Amanda Beidler:

    I went to Florida once and the flight they said was about 1 hour 10 minutes is that normal

  11. HPSauceist:

    thumbs up for watching it in 2013!

  12. Mesa Stevens:

    This also happens to be the first vlog i watched that why i picked it today to watch

  13. OfficialJGxTV:

    This was the first vlog I ever watched 🙂 can’t believe it’s been 2 years since I started watching and you guys are still so awesome! Never stop making vlogs! CTFxC FTW! xD

  14. TheKitty9898:


  15. SOMEawesomeGUYFTW:

    Hey hey the passcode is superawesomeseceretcode haha ima ass

  16. IamStankenfrien:

    And Thus, the secret phrase was born!

  17. OKlivy:

    after i went to the cayman islands i would randomly freak out while driving bc i thought i was on the wrong side of the road!

  18. bantersanta:

    I don’t have ti scroll down to click like? :L

  19. mitra teymouri:

    she is so so beautiful

  20. lorijeans59:

    They moved the thumbs up It is lower now so u have to scroll down, New you tube update again bad move for you. Too much effort for some to scroll. Tell them to leave well enough alone

  21. twilight4evr7:

    Does anyone happen to know the name of the resort that they were staying at? Some friends and I are going to Jamaica next year and need a place to stay, and that place looks awesome. 🙂

  22. Clara Bane:


  23. daddysgirltomboy910:


  24. TheDeepikachu:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :)

  25. JDHoffa:

    1:09 is fucking funny «Do you have to go tinkle»