Chestbrah- Life Without Boundaries [Motivational Speech] [HD]

*OFFICIAL FACEBOOK FANPAGE* Said ‘Chestbrah’ Shavershian’s motivational speech, set to Hans Zimmer’s ‘Time’, compiled with footage from Zyzz’s life. Put your headphones on max, switch to HD, turn your lights off and enjoy. If you would like this on your iPod or iPhone download here: Just drag the file to iTunes and Sync. Stay tuned for Zyzz- The Revolution, to be released by Chestbrah on August 5 2012 U MOTIVATED BRAH?

[youtube ZRfnlmf37U4]

ipod 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментариев 12

  1. 19weemikey96:

    why 2016? 🙂

  2. virusiztoxic:

    Rest in peace Zyzz. Keep your motivation up Said

  3. SloveniaHardCore91:

    This speech is making me cry,seriously chestbrah you’re awesome person,thank you for this motivational video!

  4. Rashid Raffik:

    why dont you shut up and think about how chestbrah feels, chestbrah is zyzz’s brother and blood and im sure he cares about his brother alot more than you, obviously chestbrah is talking about himself otherwise the video wouldnt be called »chestbrah-life without boundaries»!

  5. greeekbro:

    damn this is so Motivational

  6. calijerk310:

    chestbrah always recognizes his brother and the impact hes made but you also have to remember chestbrah got zyzz into the gym not the other way around.

  7. STROBE1207:

    everyone stop fighting for fuck sakes i dont care if they took roids or not, or if you hate chestbrah, thats his fucking brother, im sure zyzz wouldnt like to see this hate so stop bitching. if you like the video and it motivates you then good, but if you dont like it then leave and stop fucking whining. RIP zyzz, good speech chestbrah.

  8. STROBE1207:

    go away.

  9. Austin Stehling:

    fuck yea bra

  10. CyJoZa:

    We are all going to make it brah

  11. AestheticsFarcro:

    and why 2016 and not other year…

  12. fordleg:

    its not about chestbrah… its all about zyzz… his bro.. .and how he made the right choices to change everyone… now chestbrah is using his bro…. i love how he doesnt even mention zyzz only shows pics… bout time he stopped using his brother for his own profits.