*SPOILERS UP TO EPISODE 10* Tumblr: aviiavatar.tumblr.com My video masterpost: aviiavatar.tumblr.com FAQ: aviiavatar.tumblr.com Back-up: www.youtube.com Sorry guys, Lin’s my favorite. She’s such a hero, so badass, TOPH FREAKING BEI FONG’S DAUGHTER OF COURSE I LOVE HER. So naturally I died when Amon took her bending (or blocked her chakra or whichever theory the fandom is on now). Why ;__; IT BETTER BE REVERSIBLE OK. THIS WOMAN HAS LOST EVERYTHING ELSE ALREADY. I wouldn’t have thought Lin would be the subject of my first real Korra video, but well, when inspiration strikes I have to follow. CAN’T WAIT TILL SATURDAY. Also, I chose this song because I rediscovered it a few days ago because of a video (I already knew it for quite a while but it got lost in the jungle that is my ipod) and I strangely felt it fitted Lin.. really, really well? And I can’t figure out what it is? I mean, I sort of know what it’s really about, but the link with Lin and her sacrifice just makes so much sense to me for some reason. So.. if you find the song choice odd, it’s probably my fault. It sort of created this headcanon (which may or may not be true based on what little we’ve seen of her) that all Lin wants to do is save people but she feels like she never does enough, things always go wrong, and she might feel at fault there. Make of that what you will I guess xD I hope you enjoy! ^-^

[youtube GCYbf1WWG3E]