Five Below SCHOOL SUPPLIES HAUL! Back to school series!

I hope you all like the video, I know it was shorter than my usual videos but I had to make it 4 minutes long for the contest! Anyway if you guys would be able to give me your vote you can do that by just liking this video! If I win, I will receive a 25$ gift card for 5 Below that I will use to buy makeup from there for a contest on this channel! If your wandering what the grand prize is for me besides the 25$ gift card, well it is an ipad 2. Anyway I just want you all to know that I am so thankful for your support, and am up to 4600 subscribers! I hope you all enjoyed this video enough to thumbs it up and tell your friends too as well! THANK YOU! 5 BELOW FACEBOOK: TWITTER FOR FIVE BELOW: FIVE BELOWS YOUTUBE: TWITTER: FACEBOOK:

[youtube mu-mye2oR5A]

ipad 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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комментариев 14

  1. naomichristine2012:

    you go to mesa highschool ?!

  2. Jocelyn Joseph:

    please watch my videos! i think i have 0 subscribers just got a youtube, i subscribed 2 u. i have a what’s in my purse vid, please watch!

  3. TheLildog9:

    I could tell that it was sparklely

  4. sammantha stevens:

    I got those same pens at 1:47 i got them buy 1 get 1 free

  5. TheCerealluvr:

    hahaha. you’re adorable! I don’t mean that in a condescending way at all. super purdy too 🙂

  6. hazza4ever1894:

    You uploaded this on my b-day LOL

  7. emily gd:

    i lovedit i did like it and ya ill always vote u love it once agiann

  8. Ana Estala:

    I have those pencils !(:

  9. Elizabeth Hernandez:

    3:05 i have that but in folder form university of style rite?

  10. peachy11060:

    the dipped hair in kool aid got me here =)

  11. MarcoReuss1:

    Can you please make a video flexing your biceps

  12. Thnqu:

    i used only ONE pencil and ONE notebook all 12 years of school lol

  13. cupcakecutie20202:

    and also an i-pad two, but thats the point of the contest if you dont feel happy dont like her video!

  14. makeupkatie95:

    i know 🙁 i messaged them about it and now they arent responding at all to me. So im technically not in the contest but they told me i still count.