YENN and a «Pretty Ugly» Crowd

Pretty Ugly «FREE» on Spotify This crowd is off the hook! A high energy performance at C89.5 listeners appreciation party in Seattle. Pretty Ugly available on iTunes FACEBOOK TWITTER

[youtube JMdkvlaXdmY]


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комментария 22

  1. exmark5248:

    that is the worst sound

  2. Teeka Rai:

    Simply Mind-blowing!! performance isn’t it!??

  3. limon09033:

    this is very amazing concert and she is a nice singer

  4. tasneem javed:

    Really very nice and awesome music video specially girl is too good

  5. sandamali wikramasooriya:

    vryi nice & very interesting video,,,i like so much

  6. Muhammad Uzair:

    It Really Nice Video and Nice Music and Good Song.

  7. mnbashar:

    nice performance. like it

  8. baribokshi:

    nice video i like it.thanks 

  9. baribokshi:

    nice video i like it.thanks for share.

  10. rumaiya08:

    It is really amazing video I have ever seen

  11. Darshika Manjali:

    really nice song. and pretty girl.

  12. samile209:

    good song i like it

  13. abbaskuddus:

    awesome song with high bit …love this..mwah..mwah

  14. barbie786able:

    the song is very nice…voice is very sweet.its rocking

  15. Rony buhyain:

    nice and cool song.I am loving it.

  16. sudath mahadiwulwewa:

    Real nice and amaizing video

  17. webmasteratik:

    The song is very good. Who is the singer ? Any album name please ?

  18. bilal ahmad:

    woow its really nice and amazing video

  19. fasal116:

    This song is really nice song. I like to watch this type of song.

  20. mahfuzncba:

    good . really very nice .good concert and any party video.

  21. udara075:

    wow… very nice song

  22. TheKhan320:

    woove very niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee and hot video, keep it up