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Pirillo Vlog 268 — The Nail Polish Movie Trailer How to Get Movie Maker for Windows 8 What is the Best Time to Buy a Tablet Computer? How to Pick the Best Mobile Carrier Are You Using the Best Graphics Card Settings? Smart Board Technology in the Classroom: a Lesson Learned? GoDaddy Coupons: Email! Get Our Free Google Chrome Extension for YouTube: How I Get Free Gift Cards: Chris’s Social Stuff (Follow Me Elsewhere): Download the FREE LockerGnome App: Android Phone: iPhone / iPod touch: Need My Advice for Your Business? Join: and === NEWS Google’s Nexus 7 Outsells Apple’s iPad in Japan over Holidays Lenovo Announces ThinkPad Chromebook for Schools Asustek in Talks to Offer Windows 8 Phone To Fight Amazon’s «Black Box,» iPad Publisher Inkling Opens Its 400 E-Books Up to Google BlackBerry 10 is Drawing a Crowd

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18 комментариев

  1. Elwood R Hoffman

    I really appreciate how you are clearly an apple fan, but stay very impartial in your videos….from an android fan 😉

  2. Jose Vazquez

    Tldr im exican but i want to asking you 1 question i wana buy a tablet with both cameras i have the ipad 1 but can you tellme wath tablet to buy i like apple but android i thinging is a god prada i dont have to much money to speend but i cant decide what tablet is better to buy i like to see you videos but i dont no what tablet to buy for amazon if you can help me i olways will preciate sorri my engles it not perfec i hope you undertan

  3. Anya gurkin

    We have think pads in our school and I live in the uk

  4. brianrobledo1

    What do I need to know before buying a 30g external hard drive, in order to buy and download windows 8 online? THNX

  5. Sherlock slater

    teachers ask teachers how to use smart boards they just say «ask your students they will know.» They are cool pieces of technology if only they are used all the time some teachers rarely use them and they sit on the wall gathering dust. they need to be RE-A-LINED every lesson though.

  6. 振华 吴

    how you get the polish off at last?

  7. Anas Bennamar

    I have got a question for you chris about the live review of the htc ons x + ; What’s 16;00 pacific in GMT?

  8. Zachary Solomon

    You’ve taught me a lot Chris, in fact, along with many other young YouTubers, you have inspired me a lot. And I am obsessed with your witty sense of humor, it is better than many comedy YouTube channels, and yet you still stay insightful

  9. Appleifan72899

    haha thats funny you fucked up my finger!

  10. Ricardo Rivera

    you need to curse more often Chris you would get more views love you and Dianna

  11. Ricardo Rivera

    rotfflol it has fucking sparkles

  12. Bert Visscher

    @0:56 Chris…why on earth do you let Diana do this to you? If she agrees with such a demonstration, then suggest that she do it to herself.

    And I agree with nonshatter7’s comment about your language.

  13. nonshatter7

    No need to cuss Chris, you have enough personality without it.

  14. iMarle64

    my sister feels the same way about her SmartBoard.;-) She uses computers,ipads,and books in her classes (she teaches middle school reading/language arts)her students don’t have a choice either;the teachers have have to plan their lessons around what media or tech they use in advance.

  15. GREGYBOY890


  16. then00best


  17. AK6ay

    chris stop cursing
    I almost stopped the video

  18. Lévesque Jean-François

    I like the dog’s entrance! Your good Chris. by Yahoo! Answers.