Somebody That I Used To Know — Gotye — Peter Hollens feat. Evynne — A cappella Cover18 комментариев


This song is for sale here: Have my Physical CDs sent to you anywhere worldwide: OFFICIAL PETER HOLLENS LINKS First Album: iTunes Link: Hollens Gear Store: Main Website: Vlog Channel Twitter: Facebook: iPhone/iPad app: Send me stuff: Peter Hollens 1430 Willamette Street # 241 Eugene, Or, 97401 If you send me something i’ll include it in a video!! 😀 All sounds are made by the voice and mouth. Big Thanks to Jimmy Bates and Reilly Zamber, if you need ANY video help ANYWHERE contact these guys: Arr. Sir Anderson ( ) Audio Editing B. Lieberman ( ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ originally by Gotye Written by Walter Andre De Backer Published by: Kobalt Music Publishing For business enquires ONLY, contact me here: Extra Tags: Walk off the earth wote 2 guys 1 guitar 3 guys 1 guitar 4 guys 1 guitar 5 guys 1 guitar gianni luminati gianni nicassio sarah blackwood gianni and sarah marshall walk off the earth

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18 комментариев

  1. MrsAutumn2000

    Wow Admiral… Your picture seriously goes with ur comment XD

  2. Admiral Halimesh


  3. zoey polhill

    i love the videos

  4. Sara Nelson

    It reminds me of the people who run in the Olympics.

  5. HinaChuz

    Evynne looks a bit like P!nk :’3

  6. bakufu001

    lol his wife must like them too 😉

  7. auditoreman268


  8. bzmouse

    Such a SEXY video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. robertshero

    love the puzzle stuff keep it original

  10. Thranng

    Better than the Original Song if you ask me.

  11. Eryk Matowski

    stop 1:09 very funny

  12. XxZexion6317xX

    You are very attractive, and an amazing singer.

  13. Midnightracer777

    I like this better than Gotye.

  14. heaveninglory

    simply amazing!

  15. Freakof5FDP

    Man, I need to remember to watch this next time I get stoned.

  16. Joshua Pitts

    can you sing Carry on Wayward son?
    that would be really amazing

  17. Brianna E.

    That was intense. The video and the song. Mostly the song.

  18. vahstania

    I find this actually amazing that you would go through all this to make such wonderful music. It makes my heart sing when I listen to it. by Yahoo! Answers.