Somebody That I Used To Know — Gotye — Peter Hollens feat. Evynne — A cappella Cover

This song is for sale here: Have my Physical CDs sent to you anywhere worldwide: OFFICIAL PETER HOLLENS LINKS First Album: iTunes Link: Hollens Gear Store: Main Website: Vlog Channel Twitter: Facebook: iPhone/iPad app: Send me stuff: Peter Hollens 1430 Willamette Street # 241 Eugene, Or, 97401 If you send me something i’ll include it in a video!! 😀 All sounds are made by the voice and mouth. Big Thanks to Jimmy Bates and Reilly Zamber, if you need ANY video help ANYWHERE contact these guys: Arr. Sir Anderson ( ) Audio Editing B. Lieberman ( ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ originally by Gotye Written by Walter Andre De Backer Published by: Kobalt Music Publishing For business enquires ONLY, contact me here: Extra Tags: Walk off the earth wote 2 guys 1 guitar 3 guys 1 guitar 4 guys 1 guitar 5 guys 1 guitar gianni luminati gianni nicassio sarah blackwood gianni and sarah marshall walk off the earth

[youtube Qt74jX2C1m0]

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. MrsAutumn2000:

    Wow Admiral… Your picture seriously goes with ur comment XD

  2. Admiral Halimesh:


  3. zoey polhill:

    i love the videos

  4. Sara Nelson:

    It reminds me of the people who run in the Olympics.

  5. HinaChuz:

    Evynne looks a bit like P!nk :’3

  6. bakufu001:

    lol his wife must like them too 😉

  7. auditoreman268:


  8. bzmouse:

    Such a SEXY video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. robertshero:

    love the puzzle stuff keep it original

  10. Thranng:

    Better than the Original Song if you ask me.

  11. Eryk Matowski:

    stop 1:09 very funny

  12. XxZexion6317xX:

    You are very attractive, and an amazing singer.

  13. Midnightracer777:

    I like this better than Gotye.

  14. heaveninglory:

    simply amazing!

  15. Freakof5FDP:

    Man, I need to remember to watch this next time I get stoned.

  16. Joshua Pitts:

    can you sing Carry on Wayward son?
    that would be really amazing

  17. Brianna E.:

    That was intense. The video and the song. Mostly the song.

  18. vahstania:

    I find this actually amazing that you would go through all this to make such wonderful music. It makes my heart sing when I listen to it.